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Considerations of a over40 blogger without rules

accidental icon not only twenty over40 mature style fashion blogger

Today I’m here thinking about what you might be interested in reading. What are readers of a blog looking for, what do my colleagues, overforty blogger, propose? When I look around, surfing from blog to blog, to catch my attention are the images. I look for not ordinary outfits, pictures that inspire me or that tell me something more about what’s behind that blog. I’m discovering a …

Iris Apfel, a true style and brain icon

Iris Apfel not only twenty blog fashion icon over fort

Not so long ago, Iris Apfel name meant nothing to most people, I mean who does not assiduously follow the fashion world and influencers who are part of it. Today things have changed. In these days, you probably have seen the Citroen DS 3 campaign in which to get noticed is a fascinating 94 years-old testimonial. Iris Apfel was born on August 29th 1921 in …