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Abdominals and Obliques for workout #10

workout 10

As we said in workout #9, abdominal muscles are very important to stabilize the trunk in every exercise, in workout #10 we continue to enhance these muscles.   # Upper Abdominals Lie on your back with the knees bent at 90° draped over a bench. With the hand folded across your chest, raise your shoulders up and toward the chest. Return to the start position. …

Workout #9 to enhance abdominal and core muscles


Have you memorized the exercises of the previous workout? Are you ready to go on? Workout #9 is very important because abdominal and core muscles play a predominant role in all physical activities.   # Abdominals, Obliques Lie on your back with your legs and knees bent at 90-degree. Place your hands on yours ears. Bring the right knee towards the left elbow. Return to …