Real Women Day

Real Women Day is the day that celebrates real women.

Women who love life and love themselves as they are. We real women  are  proud of what we are,  free from stereotypes we are not labeled and conditioned by a number whether it is age or size.

This day wants to remind each of us, our beauty given by our experience, the pains experienced and the joys that have filled our hearts, our successes and failures that have taught us to get up and start again, from our uniqueness beyond aesthetic patterns.

Being ourselves and believing in ourselves is the path to happiness and if this means disregarding the rules that, we don’t know who, would like to impose on us, let’s do it with a big smile.

We don’t need others to dictate the rules for us. We don’t place (us) limits to colors, laughter, curiosity, the way of dressing, feeling alive.

If you are a Real Woman, join us:

Tag a friend that you consider a Real Woman

 Put the hasthag #RealWomenDay  and #IamaRealWoman on your social networks

Write on social media what it means to you to be a Real Woman