Vintage selection 29

vintage selection

Vintage selection 29 in Florence   Also this year, Florence hosts the best selection of vintage. In an exceptional location like Leopolda clothes, shoes, bags and accessories in a multitude of colors and shapes to make you lose your mind. Luxury brands and handmade pieces, military style and evening  dresses to suit the tastes and the dreams of each. I recommend a visit, you’ll be able …

What if women ruled the fashion industry?

What if women ran the fashion industry - project women - meryl streep - not only twenty

We know, women are often segregated or stereotyped in fashion and the media; but how can we take the control of that situation? Not Only Twenty gives often room to projects or initiatives that highlight the women’s role in the industry. Often, it’s about the claim of definition of beauty, the calling for diversity in the fashion industry. But we are glad to add to …

Street style: duvet

street style in duvet

Street style in duvet for Alessandra The beautiful and sunny Alessandra to shelter from the winter weather has chosen a down jacket with toggles and decorations to be worn strictly with flat boots. You can have style even when it’s freezing.  

Love, dirty love

love, dirty love

Dirty love by Andre Dubus III Love. Love in all its aspects: betrayals, missed expectations, selfishness, regrets and frustration.  Andre Dubus III Californian author of the bestselling House of Sand and Fog calls it Dirty love. More  than eroticism what transpires is the suffering and sorrow of the protagonists. Four interwoven stories where the protagonists are often witnesses to the lives of others, a cross-section of the American …

Red flowers on my black dress

Red flowers on my H&M black long dress   I fell in love with this dress when I saw it in H&M winter capsule collection. I tried to order it online but it was no longer available in Italy and since it is not possible to order in the United States, I have reluctantly resigned to the impossibility of purchase it. One day in Milan …

Remembering: my zodiac sign

remembering zodiac sign

Aries, my zodiac sign My zodiac sign is Aries, sign ruled by the planet Mars. In mythology, Mars is the God of war, maybe that’s why I’ve always had a passion for bow and arrows. This photo was taken in Sardinia in 1994, during the holiday I had fun with archery.