Top five: winter accessories

essentiel bag

Top five: winter  top accessories   The top five of the winter season are dedicated to accessories, that you purchase directly from the website of the brand. Heels and flat shoes,  a kind of toy purse and  another a little more refined and finally a wonderful Pasquale Bruni ring from Mandala collection, inspired by the lotus flower for a charge of energy.      

Flowery hill: object of desire

Simone Mencherini Gioielli

Flowery hill by Simone Mencherini: object of desire The beautiful ring called Flowery hill, is a creation of Simone Merncherini. Diamonds and sapphires to create wonderful flowers, a real object of desire. To know something more about Simone Mencherini read the post:

My first choice for spring/summer 2017


My first choice for spring/summer 2017: the duster   For spring / summer 2017 we cannot miss a duster,  in satin or silk or cotton. Soft,  robe or kimono style, the duster is worn nonchalantly over jeans, jumpsuits or pajamas, embellishing the whole outfit. For a very boho chic look. Take a look at my choice, which one do you prefer?         …

Helen Mirren makes her own rules

Helen Mirren, Photos by Miller Mobley via AARP The Magazine - not only twenty fashion blog over 40 fashion over 50 style

Helen Mirren, Photos by Miller Mobley via AARP The Magazine Because the best thing about being over 70 is being over 70   A talented actress that is widely viewed as sexy even in her 70s, or rather, only just in her 70s. Helen Mirren encourages all us to re-think what “getting old” means. Talking about aging, is that true that 50 is the new …

My camel coat

my camel coat

My camel coat, the iconic 101801   I always thought that the camel wasn’t a color very suitable for people with a dark complexion that in winter becomes olive-colored like mine. But this year I had the desire to buy the iconic 101801 coat by MaxMara in camel color. The oversized model has been revived and has been incredibly successful: out of stock in many …

Remembering: me and the snake

remembering me and the snake

Remembering me and the snake in Egypt Photo taken during a cruise on the Nile about 10 years ago. As you can see from the picture the snake charmer was not too confident that I could hold it by myself … And  what do you think? Would I be able to do that?

Street Style: the most stylish

marni coat

Street style: the most stylish woman Beautiful Marzia is the most stylish wearing a light blue without sleeves coat by Marni. She mixed and matched the light blue color with beige in a winner combination. Shoes and bag are fabulous. What do you think, isn’t she perfect?

Herb Ritts celebrities photographer

Herb Ritts fashion world photographer   Herb Ritts became a photographer almost by accident. The meeting with Richard Gere, aspiring actor, and a punctured tyre are essential to his career. In fact, the photos taken at a handsome Richard Gere in jeans and white tank top, a few days later were published by Vogue. His photographs focus on the white-and-black and nude, models, actresses and …