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Alicia Keys launches #nomakeup: it is time to stop hiding

alicia keys #nomakeup Paola Kudacki In Common - post Not Only Twenty

  No tricks, no make-up, it’s time to be ourselves They are our point of reference, a inspiration, but this means that we criticize them for every wrong move, every outfit, hairstyle and make-up that we don’t like, we immediately notice a bit of extra weight… Have you ever thought it might be stressful to be a woman in showbusiness? Alicia Keys doesn’t want it, …


not only twenty

This is a pic taken in Castel di Tusa, in Sicily Island, at my room window. If you are looking to go to Sicily you have to spend a night at the Hotel Atelier sul mare. Art Hotel Atelier sul Mare is a hotel-museum of contemporary art unique in the world, just few meters from a wonderful sea, in Castel di Tusa (ME), nearby Cefalù. “The …

EXPOSE lit up the common beauty, what about yours?

EXPOSE 2014 Jes Baker and Liora K photographer - post Not Only Twenty fashion blog

It was in 2014 that the irriverent blogger Jes Baker, proud supporter of love for one’s body, body image blogger, curvy model, crazy cat lady, feminist author, self-lover enthusiastic, magnetic public speaker and activist…really a force of nature, announced in this way the EXPOSE 2014 project (II edition): “When was the last time you opened up your browser and saw a beautiful image of a body …

Coco Chanel, a inspired reader on exhibit in Venice

Coco chanel reader exhibition the woman who reads - not only twenty blog

Coco Chanel, a fashion icon recognized by all. She changed the course of fashion, was an innovator, a strong woman capable of revolutionizing the concept of femininity and to impose a new vision of fashion design. She has been able to accomplish so much, we have to recognize her intelligence and open mind that too often get lost behind the label of “fashion icon”. To …



From the memory album a pic of my nieces Alice and Livia, when we went to Calabria for holiday. We were preparing for dinner and I wanted to put on lip gloss to Alice that she moved back scared. Now she is 22 years old.

Sebastiao Salgado

Sebastiao Salgado

Sebastião Salgado (born February 8, 1944) is a Brazilian social documentary photographer and photojournalist. He has traveled in over 120 countries for his photographic projects. Most of these have appeared in numerous press publications and books. Touring exhibitions of this work have been presented throughout the world.(Wikipedia).                                        

A topless journey of 1.000 miles to fight cancer

Paulette Leaphart Scar Story breast cancer fight - not only twenty blog

  Paulette Leaphart is fighting an uphill battle. She is a beautiful 49-year-old breast cancer survivor.   It was 2014 when she underwent a double mastectomy and now, proud of those scars, she has decided to give a shock to the world telling her story.   Paulette decided to take a long journey, a walk of 1.000 miles. She started from Biloxi, Mississippi, hoping to …