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To dress with style: street style

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Wandering through the streets of Milan very often happens to meet beautiful women dressed with style, Mrs. Paola is one of them. You can recognize self-confident women  from a mile away: how they move, how they dress and how they relate to others. Paola is a very confident woman, kind, ready to smile, without much time to lose … When I met her I fell …

Street style: Milan fashion week

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With beautiful  Chinese actress  Jiang Mengjie It is easy during the fashion week in Milan to meet beautiful women with interesting outfits running on the streets of Milan. Everything and everyone moves at accelerated speed, as if they were in serious delay. In the frenzy of fashion week buyers, journalists, bloggers, and models show off great clothes and/or accessories, with photographers standing in front of …

The dynamic and modern style of Antonella

Today the protagonist of street style is Antonella. Her good taste is a fact, which is also reflected in the style of her clothing store: Mag. The idea of a boutique as a meeting point for exchanging opinions and talking about fashion, so relaxed as when taking a tea with friends is Antonella’s style. A refined, dynamic and modern style. Practical and comfortable. Cropped trousers …

How to change looks without changing style

There are women ,like me, who need to change style and always dress differently to feel good and women who, while changing their clothes and accessories, remain loyal to their style. Marzia, the protagonist of today street style, is one of these. Always attentive to the matching colors and accessories, Marzia loves the wide cropped pants, shirts and jackets. If you take a look at the …

Style and personality

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We have already talked about mood-like style and how to dress on the choice of the moment, as well as a game. There are individual characteristics that we cannot prescind from, even in clothing. The thing that determines our way of dressing, in addition to our aesthetic taste, is our personality. Personality as the set of intellectual and psychological characteristics of an individual, which determine her/his …

Street style: how to wear sporty clothing with Grace

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Style and personality There are people who can do all things, even dress, with grace and kindness. And for this reason, they take, part of your heart, always with grace. Grace, never the name was more appropriate, is one of these people. How to make refined sporty clothing Look at her way to wear sporty apparel. Skinny pants with white sneakers with plateau and a sweater …

Street Style. The perfect mix and match by Carla

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How to match clothing and accessories If you don’t know how to match the accessories with the clothes you ask Carla, she has an innate taste for the harmony of the outfit. Today she wears a long black emma & gaia dress. The wide dress has cracks that increase the volume, to avoid the “too wide” effect it may have, Carla wears over her dress …

The style of Ginevra: street style

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Style and comfort: Ginevra   The protagonist of today’s street style is the beautiful Ginevra. Ginevra gives her interpretation, very feminine at a practical  look with straight-leg pants. In fact, the shirt, in a slightly lighter tone, has its shoulder dropped to form a short sleeve and a nice bow on the neck, adhering to the waist to emphasize the female forms of Ginevra. The shoes in …

Street Style: Marzia, good taste

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Marzia a good taste to mix and match garments and accessories We are now accustomed to the chic outfit Marzia wears daily. The Paula Cademartori bag with the stars is fantastic, like the Marni necklace. Definitely good taste and search for accessories, brava Marzia!

Street Style: can we be beautiful after 10 hours of work?

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Claudia beautiful even after 10 hours of work Can we be beautiful after 10 hours of work? Yes, Claudia shows us that we can always be beautiful. I met Claudia last night on her way home after a full day of work and she was beautiful, her aesthetic taste shines through her details. Perfect match of sneakers with jacket and scarf: comfortable style but classy. …

Red ankle boots: street style

red ankle boots

Beautiful in her red ankle boots There is no age limit for a pair of red boots and the wonderful lady met in the streets of Milan, shows this very well to us. A beautiful colorful scarf and a pair of red boots can play down also the more austere look.