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Holidays in Sicily

Taormina Not Only twenty

From the memory  album a photo taken in Taormina few years ago. Sicily has for many years the destination of our motorcycle holidays. Beautiful land, land of culture, art and enchanting landscapes. If you’ve never been to Palermo you’ve really lost so much: the cathedral, the quattro canti, the vucciria, the Norman palace, just to remember some of the beauty of this wonderful city, but not …

To accept our body

our body at over fifty age Not Only Twenty

This week’s Remembering photo was shot at the Seychelles Islands, one of the land’s paradises and the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The photo dates back to about 18 years ago. The thing that strikes me by looking at it is the transformation of my body: in the photo slim and toned, in the current reality curvy and soft. I must confess that it …

Rome the eternal city: remembering

what to do in rome Not only twenty

I love Rome, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are so many attractions. Squares, fountains, gardens, theaters, shops, museums, the list of things to see and do in Rome is infinite, not to mention places to eat. That’s why every time that happens, I take advantage of it to spend some days there, excited like a little girl in a toy …

Kittens: remembering

Gattini Not Only Twenty

Cats and me   When I was young I didn’t have a great passion for animals. I thought that having cats at home was a little healthy, even though I had a red cat as a child. It’s just to please my husband, who loves cats, that I’m convinced to bring home a kitten. In the early months I did not want the promiscuity that …

Positano and me: remembering

Positano Not Only Twenty

Positano the stunning Photos of 2016, a  ten years younger Rita with behind me the pearl of the Amalfi Coast: Positano. What else to say about Positano? That It is beautiful? No, it’s not beautiful, it’s marvelous, all perched on the mountain is a overwhelming sight both from the sea and from its winding streets. When we go to Positano we usually stay at the hotel …

Mom and Dad: remembering

rita palazzi photo

My mom and dad at Bolsena lake   Scraping in the photos, on the upcoming Mother’s day and stimulated by this first  sunny Saturday , I found a photo taken in the mid-1950s. The photo portrays my parents with my aunt and a friend at Bolsena lake. My mother is the one on the slippery rock that is held in balance by hugging my aunt, …

Remembering: happy birthday

remembering happy birthday

Happy birthday Riccardo The memory photo of today is dedicated to my nephew Riccardo on the day of his nineteenth birthday. The photo portrays us in one of the moments of pampering when he was spending a few days with his uncles. The scratches in the neck were his favorites. Happy birthday Riccardo, I wish you a good life. I love you.

Villasimius: remembering

villasimius remembering Not Only Twenty

Sun and cream at Villasimius Photo taken 24 years ago in Villasimius. Looking at it  there are two things that strike me, the first is that the beautiful beach of Villasimius (in Sardinia) is virtually deserted. I believe that  currently it’s a privilege that few can afford. The other is that even a quarter of a century ago I was spreading the cream on the body …

Civita di Bagnoregio: remembering

smarteez top in Not Only Twenty fashion blog

At Civita di Bagnoregio with Livia When I decided to open the blog, I involved the whole family in this project. My niece Livia, a passionate photographer, and my husband have been designated by me as photographers. This photo was taken in September 2014 in Civita di Bagnoregio by Livia, who is also the make-up artist.    

Orvieto Cathedral view: remembering

orvieto cathedral view

Orvieto view from my sister’s house Photo taken in 2004 at the home of my sister Paola. The view from their house is beautiful, they face the cathedral of Orvieto that on sunny days reflects the light from the mosaics on the façade. In the picture I am with my brother in law Mauro in an affectionate embrace.

My husband pic: remembering

my husband pic

A pic from my husband in Barcelona Since I started my blog, my husband against his will, found himself forced to click pictures. Although he is very little fascinated by fashion and its world, I have to grant him a certain aesthetic taste, in fact, his photos are always much appreciated on socials. The pic that I propose you was taken last year in Barcelona,  I …

Remembering: my beautiful mom

my beautiful mom

With my beautiful mom, wandering   I am particularly fond of this photo taken not many years ago a summer evening. With my mom and my husband decided to take a walk in my beautiful Orvieto before dinner. Arriving at the Cathedral’s square, the excitement of seeing it deserted filled us with joy: we were the only ones lucky to enjoy its wonders, prompting us to …