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Love, dirty love

love, dirty love

Dirty love by Andre Dubus III Love. Love in all its aspects: betrayals, missed expectations, selfishness, regrets and frustration.  Andre Dubus III Californian author of the bestselling House of Sand and Fog calls it Dirty love. More  than eroticism what transpires is the suffering and sorrow of the protagonists. Four interwoven stories where the protagonists are often witnesses to the lives of others, a cross-section of the American …



CicloStile in Orvieto   What connection can there be between a bicycle enthusiast, an expert in knitting and little sewing and a graphic? Simple,  CICLOSTILE (STENCILS). Three young guys with good will, desire to work and many ideas have joined their peculiarities and so, in Orvieto, in a small room there are three worlds. Massimo. Bicycles technician: rents, sells and services the object of his …

Knitting to relax

il gomitolo

Knitting to relax everybody     The art of knitting has had an incredible growth in recent years. Once it was the prerogative of mothers and grandmothers now it has become a way to relax for both sexes. It is not uncommon to see movies stars who during film breaks enjoy knitting, just like super paid models. Even someone like Kate Middleton is not immune to …