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My name is Rita Palazzi and I’ve always been passionate about fashion, because fashion has always been part of my life.

If I look back, I can barely feel again the emotion that I used to feel  watching my mother and my aunt working in their tailoring atelier.

My memory goes back to these lovely afternoons when my sister and I used to stay at the workshop, and in which we were catapult into a fairly tales full of wonderful clothes and garments.

The thing that captured most the fantasies of my childhood was the mannequin, which was so called in French, and did not dummy. It was much chic.

It was on the mannequin that they were tried and built the dresses that took shape as in my dreams. And the fantasy galloped … I wondered: who would wear those dresses and on what occasions?

Who would have said that the mannequin would become the symbol around which to make a fashion project all my own: a blog that has been created to express the pleasure and the taste of dressing up for over forty too. With Not Only Twenty I want to share with other women like me the desire to play with clothes and accessories, although we have some extra wrinkles and a few extra pounds too.

It is to you that I turn: real women,  that everyday go to work like me, that  have a family, that  try to go to the gym when you succeed, but without giving up your beauty and take care of you.

We women are beautiful at every age!


not only twenty - fashion blog tbt mom & aunt

not only twenty – fashion blog #tbt mom & aunt

About Not Only Twenty

Not Only Twenty is the fashion blog dedicated to real women who are in their forties or fifties and do not necessarily wear only a 38.

Most of the women‘s, digital and non, magazines and fashion brand are addressed to gorgeous, young, lean women. Yet, the world is not inhabited only by these perfect creatures, which do not age.

It is populated by marvelous women, over 40 and over 50, having children, working and coming tired in the evening, and even with some wrinkles  are wonderful.

Women like me, who over the years have put on a few pounds, but they like themselves the same and want to continue playing with fashion and getting dressed well.

Women who, no matter what size they wear, are beautiful and haven’t lost the pleasure of taking care of themselves. Women who have learned to love and enjoy themselves as they are, have become more confident and have been relieved of the “perfect wife”, “perfect mother” syndrome …

It is to these women that Not Only Twenty is dedicated. Because beauty does not just gain by buying antiage creams, but loving ourselves . Fashion can just help us to show the beauty that is inside ourselves.


Email me at: info@notonlytwenty.com