How to take inspiration from street style to create your own style at any age

Sally Steele teaches us how to take inspiration from street style to create our own style in her book Dare More Care Less.

Sally is a beautiful 48 year old born in Glasgow, but lived around the world and since 2001 residing in Australia; she is Personal Stylist, Life Coach and Wardrobe Consultant.

She helps women to create their own style starting from an inner knowledge of themselves.

Without rules or prohibitions: each of us can dress in the way in which we express best ourselves and our uniqueness.

Joy characterizes the choice of the most appropriate clothing for the person, without stress and without compulsive shopping. Chasing fashion often brings stress and tension and doesn’t make us feel at ease; it is to know better ourselves and our needs that determines the choice of our wardrobe.

It is precisely by daring more and caring less about the judgment of others that we will be able to express ourselves, what we are, what we want, through clothing.

The knowledge of ourselves, of our body, regardless of age, physical constitution and race is the fundamental element to understand what to choose in clothing.

The second phase is education about colors, prints, shapes and fabrics. This education also happens by observing the real street style: how women in real life combine patterns, accessories and styles. Every woman can recognize herself in the image or be stimulated by combinations that she would never have chosen.

Real street style as a source of inspiration

I am delighted to be part of the women that have been included in the book and whose way of dressing and mixing clothes can be inspiring for women all over the world. Because the real street style is made by women and by the way they dress in everyday life. To take inspiration from the street style of real women can help you understand what your personal style is.

Because fashion is nothing but the expression of ourselves and nothing can and must influence us to  be who we are not.

Sally teaches that often not liking oneself with certain clothes doesn’t depend on us, but on the item of clothing that is not suitable for our body. Just foreshorten, tighten, widen, stretch and choose the right size can make that style perfect also on us.

We must not look for what we are not, but accept our body as it is, because we are worth for our being not for our size or our age

.Self-esteem is the basis of our growth and our independence as individuals. Independence also from certain silly rules that would like women over 50 dressed in a “serious” and standardized way; fashion is joy, creativity, feeling and cannot be standardized.

I can only agree with my friend Sally and with what she writes in her very informative book.

I recommend buying it because it is really an interesting book.

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Rita Palazzi
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