The story of Rita “Beautiful as You Are”

This is the whole interview I did with the excellent Life and Business Coach Carla Malinverni.

If you want to know me better, if you want to know how my blog was born, if you want to know who inspired me and what my future goals are you just have to read the interview!

I thank Carla for giving me the opportunity to testify that often good things can come from pain.

Beautiful as you are

Rita tells us how she decided to give life to her blog and how she was reborn right along with her blog, after a very painful period of her life. ‘Not Only Twenty’ is a blog where women show themselves authentically, with their beauty, also made of vulnerability, stories and personal experiences. And so Rita also tells us her story with great humanity and availability.

Every extra-ordinary story starts with an external event, something unexpected that occurred at the door and we had to face. For you, unfortunately, it all started with two very painful and painful episodes.


Yes. Two major losses, my mother first and my friend Luisa – the first person I met when I came to Siena, as well as a fellow student and a friend of the heart, have confronted me with the brevity of life. I never thought it could be so “easy” to die.

What were the thoughts that accompanied you in these two situations, so sad and difficult to face?

When I lost my mother, in a month, I felt terrible. The recurring thoughts were if I had done everything possible to make it acceptable for her the last month of her life. I had certainly told her an infinite number of times that I loved her and this gave me a little comfort. My friend Luisa fighted as a lion against the cancer and was very determined to heal. I believed in it, as children believe in fairy tales. Even with her it was very difficult to break away from everything we had done together in over thirty years of life and let her go.

Which of your inner resources have you used to go further, to overcome pain and continue?

I needed some time to let the tenderness of memories take the place of great pain. I honestly can’t say precisely what my resources were, but the human body is a wonderful machine and when you think you’ve hit bottom you can do nothing but go back up …

And then what did you do?

I had been thinking for some time that I would have liked to do something relevant to fashion, my great passion, but I never decided to analyze carefully what was the thing that would have given me so much joy. So I said to myself that the time had come to give voice to my passion because then it could have been too late and so was born the fashion blog Not Only Twenty.

What did you say to yourself in moments of despair? What new thoughts are activated in you?

I realized that “I had to” think about Rita. Let me explain better, I always tried to be a good daughter, a good wife, a good sister, a good physiotherapist to please everyone, and if someone didn’t like me, it made me feel bad. Suddenly – and the blog was a great help to me – I realized that I had to do what I liked, what made me feel good and that we can’t please everyone, but it’s not a serious thing. I started the blog when I was already over fifty years old with my ten extra pounds and with my wrinkles, but I started to love these imperfections of mine. And I wasn’t afraid to show me how I am. Indeed, the fact that I like it has given me so much security and this also brings the admiration of others. If you see yourself beautiful, others will also see you beautiful.

And what started as a fashion blog has also become a motivational blog for women over 50. In moments of despair I kept telling myself that I had the opportunity to do things, those who died don’t have this great chance, so I absolutely had to try for them too.

The other people close to you – family, friends, colleagues – did they support you?

Absolutely. Without my husband and without my two sisters, I might not have been able to get through this dark period. And both my husband and my sisters were very important to me to start my blog. I always had them by my side and I felt all their love and support.

What are your future projects?

I am working on the blog with some industry professionals to give this project, mine and of all the beautiful women that recognize in it, greater visibility.

Here is the motto and the key word Rita has chosen to associate it with her extra-ordinary history.

The motto: “Beautiful as you are

I would like all women to feel beautiful for what they are, certainly are not weight or age the characteristics that makes us beautiful, but our experience, the joys, the pains, the frustrations, the successes they make of each one of us a unique and special woman.

If I had to find a word ‘symbol’ to describe my story, I would call it “rebirth“. I am living a wonderful time in my life. I love my job and my family, I am carrying out my blog with unexpected results and I have the support of so many women that make me proud, I love life and I wish I had longer days to do all the things that I have in my mind.

My blog introduced me to beautiful women, full of energy and love that make me love mankind even more.

The pink dress of the photo symbolizes the rebirth for me: my mother started sewing it for me, I always loved flounces, but it remained unfinished in a bag. After thirty years, with minor modifications, my friend a seamstress (Luigina 83, one of my mother’s workers) finished it. For me, that dress symbolizes rebirth.

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