Fashion curvy with Barbara Christmann

Barbara Christmann and curvy fashion are an essential combination.

Born as a fashion journalist Barbara creates Beautifulcurvy in 2012 to give voice to women that the world of fashion doesn’t take into consideration. The blog wants to talk to real women, no matter what the size or age. Women want to recognize themselves in what they feel close to, the stereotypes of skinny models don’t represent all women.

Feeling good about yourself is the main goal, strengthening your self-esteem in order to accept yourself and feel beautiful as we are is Barbara’s goal.

This is also the mission of Not Only Twenty, tat’s why I couldn’t fail to tell you about Barbara Christmann.

Beauty not only has the shape of skinny girls, but can have different shapes, curvy women are one of the forms of beauty.

To those who ask her if exalting curvy models is not as dangerous for young women, as having to reflect the canons of thinness, Barbara clearly answers; curvy women are women with soft shapes that start from a size 44 up to 50. Beyond size 50 begins the world of plus size that is different from the curvy. In fact, curvy women are attentive to their diet, do physical activity and take care of themselves.

Barbara Christmann and the curvy models

Barbara also created the Beautiful Curvy Calendar, each year girls and women (up to the age of 40) are selected to appear in underwear and bikini in front of the capable eye of fashion photographer Stefano Bidini.

The photos capture smiles, self-acceptance, joy, complicity, giving a true image of what women “feel”. In this way, girls who think they are out of place with their size can recognize themselves in those on the calendar, being able to see the beauty that is in themselves and accept themselves for what they are.

This doesn’t mean that we should not take care, but it must be done by always remaining ourselves, exalting the qualities and loving ourselves for what we are.

The calendar also serves to raise awareness among companies in creating fashion for such a vast and constantly growing sector.

Women are no longer ashamed of their forms, they are proud of them, they show them with joy and satisfaction.

Famous brands like Dolce & Gabbana have never made any secret of loving curvy woman and now their sizes reach up to 54.

Calendar 2018


Calendar 2019

Barbare Christmann and the Italian brands

Dolce & Gabbana aside, the Italianbrands still has a long way to go if they don’t want to do the same flop as Victoria Secrets. The American underwear brand will no longer produce its TV show because of the drop in ratings. Despite the beautiful angels of the brand, women don’t recognize themselves in the perfect bodies of the models.

The director of marketing had always refused curvy models and the collapse of purchases is, in all probability, one of the consequences of a short-sighted policy, which has always refused inclusion.

Fashion world should understand that curvy women, young and old, want to dress in style. The classic or shapeless clothing doesn’t match the needs of women. Each wants to feel beautiful and desirable and if brands don’t understand this, they are bound to remain behind.

The American market is much more sensitive than the Italian one in this regard.

Not only does the very talented designer Christian Siriano present his gorgeous clothes by presenting women of all shapes and sizes on his catwalks, but also cheaper brands, which are the most accessible to the young public, offering clothes up to size xxl.

I met Barbara when I asked various bloggers to join the Real Women Day project, which she accepted with the enthusiasm that characterizes her.

Hoping to meet you soon, I thank you for your important and constant work on behalf of us curvy women.

Rita Palazzi
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