Pajama trend 2019, the perfect models to go out

The pajama trend 2019 is very interesting: to wear to go out without looking like a sleepwalker.

Top models, influencers, buyers are all crazy about this style and how can you blame them? Silk with beautiful pattern, absolute comfort and clothes to wear from morning to night, what more can we ask to a garment?

The style for the 2019 pajama trend is always the same: soft jacket trimmed with front buttons and soft profiled pants.

The variants do not change much, they can replace the buttons with the sash at the waist or vary the length of sleeves and pants, but the look is always the same. There are pajamas that use silks with beautiful designs, but even the classic monochrome or striped remains a very chic piece.

The pajama style has become an evergreen, you can wear the same outfit either in winter or in spring, and whether or not it was repurposed by designers, you will always be easy chic. I am a fan of this style because it allows me to be comfortable, but dressed in a refined way; furthermore, there is no need to be skinny to wear it.

The most beautiful pajamas for the day

For the pajama trend 2019 I propose the brand For Restless Sleepers, which was born designing these garments. They are very refined pajamas with unique designs, you can be sure that with a suit of this brand you will not go unnoticed. The only drawback is the very high prices, but if we choose quality tsilk it is difficult to find cheap clothes.

My tactic is to buy pajamas so expensive during sales, where you can find discounts ranging from 30 to 50 percent. Clearly this is could be risky because you may not find the piece or not find your size.

Olivia Von Halle is the English version of the previously mentioned brand, beautiful silks and designs to be worn in combination or with different mix. All in the name of comfort and elegance. Prices are a bit lower, but still on luxury brand levels.

Fleur du Mal adds, to the pajamas, the sash, the buttons and the flaps to the pockets in a single-colored suit. The slightly golden tone is very refined, perfect when we are tanned.

If you want a less expensive alternative, you have to do without silk, finding clothes with beautiful designs and colors, like this model presented by Zara at an unbeatable price compared to others.

The most beautiful pajamas for the night

If we can wear it during the day, the pajamas are perfect for the night.

The masculine shape and the types of fabric make it as sexy as a lace nightgown.

The choice rather than the model must be made on the fabric: if you want really nice pajamas, choose silk or silk satin.

Extremely refined in one color or striped, which are very reminiscent of the pajamas of our fathers. When choosing a fabric pajama make sure it is “loose”, if the model is rather tight, choose a size above yours because the pajama must be comfortable to allow the silk to show all the shades of color that change with the movement.

If you want you can wear your pajamas even during the day, having fun creating different combinations. The pajama shirt can be worn over a pair of jeans or pants, creating a perfect outfit for an event, an exhibition, a cocktail.

Morgan Lane


Olivia Von Halle


Three J NYC

Also this year I bought my complete pajama: comfortable, elegant and beautiful, I can’t possibly do without it.

I chose a pajama from the low-cost brand &Other Stories.. Not only was the color and the imagination impressed me, but also the jump at the bottom of the pants and the sleeves of the shirt, in completely different colors and prints.

I paired the sequin bra under the jacket without buttons, with sash at the waist.

The pajama style can be worn all day, in the morning so easy for walking in the city and in the evening, for a tasting dinner in the countryside is refined and, at the same time, easy.

I wear

pajama &Other Stories

bra Dries Van Noten

bag Gucci

shoes Marni

sunglasses Illesteva

This time my photos are made by my husband, the others are from the site Net-a-Porter.

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