Black is the fashion color of summer 2019

Black is the fashion color of summer 2019, despite the desire for color, black always remains one of the most elegant colors to wear, even in summer.

Black is above all the color that adapts to various styles, from the simple and refined, to the super elegant, to the more aggressive (link). Another characteristic of black is that it is good for all: the skinny and the curvy. If you think that black, over the years, makes you darker, play with accessories and makeup.

In order to wear the black color with the scorching temperatures that characterizes the summer 2019 we must create a fresh and new style outfit, perhaps combining something new with what we already have in our wardrobe.

Black is the fashion color of 2019, the pants

Which one of you doesn’t have a pair of black pants in your closet? If you don’t have them, take advantage of the summer sales to buy a pair, maybe high waist and slightly loose in the leg. The pairings with black trousers are endless. A simple but always winning way is to wear a single color, then combine with a top, a shirt or a black jacket.

They are super refined when worn with a white shirt, as proposed by Ann Demeulemeester or with a pink top like the proposal by Akris.

Balenciaga had his black jeans on the catwalk matched a colored silk shirt, while Saint Laurent paired it with an elegant jacket. If you have black trousers opt for the purchase of jeans of this color, they will be glamorous also for next winter.

To create an elegant outfit, the silver top or the white shirt with ruffles that come out from sleeves of the jacket.

To create an elegant outfit, the silver top or the white shirt with ruffles that come out from the sleeves of the jacket.


Try to make combinations with the things you have in your closet, do not fossilize in always wearing the garments matched in the same way. Spin the things you have, perhaps supplementing with some pieces that you will find discounted at 50% and over at this time.

Play with accessories, especially wearing black. A pair of earrings, a necklace or that bag can make your outfit unique.

Black is the fashion color of 2019, the skirts

A less obvious choice is that with the black skirt, especially in summer. Don’t just think about of the pencil skirt because you will be amazed by how many choices there are, starting with the fabrics.

Long, midi or short skirts, choose the length that suits you best and decide the model according to the length. The long skirt can be in light fabric and with flounces or ruffles or plissè, or a revised pencil skirt: tight on the sides and softer at the bottom.

For the midi or knee length, the close-fitting skirt is perfect, shiny with buttons on the front for a strong or leather look with a white shirt.

Not all models are suitable for all physicality, but among the thousands of proposals it is not difficult to find the right model for our body and that reflects our character. I always recommend, when making a purchase, to think about whether the item of clothing bought can be worn for a long time; I don’t like throwaway and I love the things that are in my closet.

A black garment is an evergreen piece, renew it with different and fun combinations and even after ten years you can always wear the same garment. Fashion is a game and requires some time and attention, if you manage to get into this order of ideas you will have a lot of fun creating your outfits.

Black is the fashion color of 2019, the jackets

The black jacket is a must-have classic. To wear over dresses, skirts or trousers, the black jacket never disappoints.

Built with padded or unstructured shoulders, it is still a strong piece that allows us to complete any outfit. Even for the jackets we can give free rein to our imagination and choose between different lengths, styles and fabrics. I highly recommend buying a black jacket now that we are in the sales period because it will be the easiest piece of your wardrobe.

Combined with jeans for an easy outfit or black pants if you choose a more refined look, which can become rock if you add ankle boots or long and multiple necklaces. Accessories are essential to determine the style you want to give to your outfit, don’t forget it. If you think the black jacket is “boring” take a look at these in the photos and change your mind.

All the pics are via Net-a-Porter online site where you can buy them.

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