Women’s Day: I’m not yours

March 8 is Women’s Day.

I believe that until we cry the death of a single woman by the hands of the man who said he loved her there will be nothing to celebrate.

Statistics say that a woman is killed in Italy every 72 hours. A huge number and to add horror to statistical data is the nature of the murders. All committed by men who have not accepted the end of the romantic relationship, men who consider women with whom they have had more or less long relations, their property.

But as a feminist slogan said: I am mine and to be even clearer, I am not yours.

As long as there is a single woman killed by the hand of a man there will be no freedom.

If I were to write a love letter to my life partner, I would write:

I love you because I am free to choose you,

I love you because you make my heart beat faster,

I love you because you make me laugh,

I love you because you don’t interfere in my choices,

I love you because when you quarrel you can apologize,

I love you for your kindness,

I love you for the things you believe in,

I love you because you love that I am different from you,

but I can’t love you if I stop loving you,

I can’t love you because you want it,

I can’t love you if you disappoint me,

I can’t love you if you think you own me,

I can’t love you if you don’t respect me,

I’m not yours.

Dear friends, girls, women do not accept chains and padlocks, love is as free as a flying dove.

Rita Palazzi
Written by