The best haircuts for women over 50

The best haircuts for women over 50 are style tips and not diktats. Women over 50 have silently conquered their space and freedom of choice.

The rule that wanted mature women with short hair is no longer valid, everything depends on personal choice. As for the color; until a few years ago the woman who no longer dyed her hair looked like a woman surrendered to old age. Now white hair is a hymn of freedom from the slavery of color, they are beautiful and very chic, so much so that even the young undergo bleaching treatments to obtain a white hair.

This is our revolution, we no longer chase after a youth that is lost, but we enjoy what is beautiful in the mature age.

While acknowledging that everyone has the right to choose the cut and length they prefer, we take a look at the haircuts that are better for women over 50 from the aesthetic point of view.

The best haircuts for women over 50, short or long

Long hair is no longer the prerogative of young women, even women over 50 can have beautiful long hair and Monica Bellucci is a tangible example.


The choice of hair length depends not only on personal taste, but also on the type of hair.

  • Those with hair that easily become oily will certainly be more comfortable with short hair, easier to manage and wash.
  • Those with very thin and brittle hair will be better off with a shorter cut.
  • Those who don’t have a lot of hair are better off with shorter hair.



The lengths can be so many from the very short Jamie Lee Curtis style to the choice of long hair like those of Michelle Pfeiffer. Between these two extremes we find a series of intermediate lengths able to satisfy any type of requirement.

The only rule that should be respected by women over 50 who dye their hair is to avoid dark black, it is not very credible and hardens the features of the face.

The best haircuts for women over 50, depends on the shape of the face

For a cut to be the best it must also take into account the shape of the face.

  • If you have an oval face you do not have any problem, you can afford any cut, long or short, smooth, rough or disheveled.

  • If you have a round face, try to lengthen it with a suitable cut, short, medium or long, as long as it is pulled out. Movement is important, so better drying with wavy and raised hair at the root. The fringe tends to make the face even more rounded, if you really want to make it, that it is scaled: shorter in the center and longer at the sides.

  • If you have a rectangular face with an important jaw you must soften the features by creating movement at the height of the contour of the face. Scaled cuts with wavy and / or unkempt drying. The asymmetries are fine only if soft, the too square cut enhances the square shape of the face more.

  • If your face is triangular, with a broad forehead and a tight chin, you need to lighten the hair on the forehead and increase the volume at the chin level. Scaling and movement are to be recommended, as well as the bob cut.

All you have to do is contact hair professionals who, in addition to the best cut, will also be able to advise you on the color that can enhance your personality. Because, while taking into account all the aesthetic tips, the most important thing is that the cut represents you and makes you feel beautiful.

Rita Palazzi
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