Spring Summer 2019 high-waisted swimsuits, let’s get ready for Summer

The high-waisted swimsuits are the must-have for 2019 Summer, we just have to figure out which are the most beautiful to be ready for Summer.

Back in fashion, the 2019 high-waisted swimsuits are the updated emulation of those from the 1950s worn by the pin ups.

. The high-waisted swimsuits, besides being our accomplices in hiding a few extra pounds, are also very beautiful and feminine.

The days of the wild tan are no longer when the bikini had to be minimal to let the sun’s rays make the greater amount of skin tanned

Now we are all more aware that skin must be protected from sunlight because these can cause major damage to our body. We also realized that the wild tan ages the skin, increasing wrinkles and dark pots.

Also for the aforementioned reasons the more opaque swimsuits, the high-waisted ones, are the true trend of the season.

Particularly suitable for thin women and the curvy ones who can choose from the many models to find the swimsuit that suits their needs.

High waisted bikini 2019, which are the most elegant

The most elegant 2019 high-waisted bikinis are those that refer to pin-ups.

The photos of the swimsuits were taken by Net-a-porter, where you can buy them.

The designer Norma Kamali proposes a draped version with a band narrow in the middle and tied at the neck. A hyper feminine version also in the choice of pale pink color. Wearing such a swimsuit and a large pair of dark glasses you will feel Ava Gardner, or at least a lot of divas.

The model with belt with bow at the waist and very chaste top is certainly an elegant and refined piece in its simplicity, proposed by Mara Hoffmann.

The two models in lurex are very refined, the black of Leslie Amon has a corset-style bra, while the golden one by Oséree has a bra with very thin straps. Both beautiful, for women who care about style even if they are on the beach.

High-waisted swimsuits: how to choose the right model

There are some differences in the high-waisted panties that make the difference (allow me the pun).

  • The one with a higher-cut leg is suitable for those who don’t have culotte de cheval (fat pads on the outer side of the thigh at gluteus level) and a fairly toned physique.
  • The one with no high-cut leg for those with wider hips and for those with androgynous physique.
  • The one above the navel is more suitable for those who do not have much fat localized on the abdomen.
  • The high one that goes under or up to the navel, is also good for those with more tummy.

What must absolutely be avoided is a size too small: it would make small rolls come out of the waist or on the sides, better a size above than one below.

The choice of bra is also important.

  • For those with small breasts, triangles, bands and balconies are fine.
  • Those with large enough breasts should choose the one with underwire that supports and shapes.
  • For those with narrower hips, you can choose a bra with small ruffles on the shoulders.
  • Those who have important shoulders can wear a one-shoulder bra.


Colors and patterns are a subjective choice, but 2019 Summer trend is the spotted pattern.

We are at the sea and the colors and patterns are beautiful to look at.

Rita Palazzi
Written by