Spring Summer 2019 fashion: 5 low cost pieces

Is it possible to satisfy Spring Summer 2019 fashion trends remaining in an acceptable budget?

It seems so, the big fashion chains like Zara offer us trendy pieces at very low prices.

Not only that, Zara is one of the industries that focuses on sustainable fashion, starting with production (link) to arrive at the recycling of clothing that is no longer worn by customers.

The Spanish giant with its fast fashion has become not only a reference point for girls and fashion bloggers, but also for women over 50 who want to have fun with fashion. Furthermore, it is not difficult to find sizes that go beyond 44 (Italian size).

The spring summer 2019 fashion colors

Spring 2019 is very colorful, red is the trendiest color.

You definitely can’t miss something red in your closet, so if you don’t have it you can buy this midi-length dress with puff sleeves.

It is recommended for slim women, if you don’t want to show your shape. The softness at the bottom of the skirt hides the hips a little bit. I am not long-limbed, however I would like to try it because it seems to me soft enough not to mark too much the strong points. The dress price is 49.95 euros.


Zara spring summer 2019: the colorful blazer and pajama style  

The second piece I chose for you is the yellow blazer. Once back in fashion, the blazer has its maximum expression in colors and shapes. Long, short, screwed, soft you can easily choose the model in which you feel better.

The one chosen is double-breasted with a long jacket. If you don’t feel like daring with strong colors, choose blue that is easy and chic. The price of the jacket is 89.95


The pajama style has become an evergreen, to be worn from morning to night. Changing the accessories becomes more or less elegant.

The one chosen has slightly flared trousers, the short jacket with the cuff of the sleeves profiled.

The thing that struck me about this set is the combination of colors: light blue flowers on a forest green background, very refined.

It can also be worn by those who are not very thin. The jacket costs 49.95 euros like trousers.


Spring 2019 fashion trend: white

White is a spring must-have, very refined it goes well with the same white or with the colors of nature: from beige to burnt brown.

The piece I chose for you is a long vest to wear over a sweater, a shirt, a tank top and pants or a long or midi skirt.

It is suitable for everyone: long or thin, short and round. A piece that you can’t miss if you want your outfit to have class. To wear from morning to evening.

The price of the vest is 59.95 euros.


The last piece is a gypsy dress, the boho-chic. Can be worn with sandals, sneakers or camperos boots. Soft and fresh, it is ideal for cooler summer evenings. Suitable for all, the waist belt keeps it as soft as a caftan for the curvy ones.

The neckline is trimmed with small shells.

The dress price is 59.90 euros.



5 trends for spring 2019

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