How to wear a slip dress without looking like in lingerie

How to wear a slip dress without looking like in lingerie depends largely on the combinations, which must be well studied.

This spring seduction reigns supreme and what is sexier and more romantic than a slip dress?

Very fashionable in the 90s with the top models crazy for this style, the transparent one worn by Kate Moss has remained in the collective imagination and has made the slip dress a dress to wear to go out. Since we are not all Kate Moss, we have to choose carefully the petticoat dress. 

The slip dress must be soft, caress the body without marking it and create shades of color in the ripples during the movement.

It is usually in silk satin that gives rise to beautiful and captivating shades around the body. It can be profiled with lace and have different lengths and necklines.

First of all we choose the model that enhances our body. For very thin women the very low-cut dress is fine, with thin straps, for the more shapely we can choose a lower neckline and an even softer version on the breasts and hips.

Since I address, in a particular way, to women who are no longer twenty years old, I imagine that someone has already started to turn up their noses. Do not think that the lingerie-style dress is only for twenties, there are many tricks also for those who do not like deep necklines and bare arms, if you go ahead with reading I will explain better how to do “tactical” combinations.

How to choose between long and short slip dress

Marco De Vincenzo



The short or knee-length petticoat dress is best suited to a slender figure, it can be worn with sneakers or with high heels and socks as shown in the images.

If you don’t feel like wearing a slip dress, you can opt for a lingerie top, one of the summer trends.Much easier than the dress because the problem of the marks at the hip does not arise, it still has the same sexy style.

The long slip dress is suitable for thin and curvy, in the second case it helps a lot because lengthening the figure makes it more harmonious. As I have already said if we are not very thin, a longer and softer dress should be chosen.

The long dress is also better suited to a situation where an elegant outfit is required. In this case the combinations and the choice of accessories have a fundamental importance.

Stella Mc Cartney


Marc Jacobs

The best combinations with a slip dress

First of all let’s talk about matching with underwear. If possible, it would be better not to wear a bra under the slip dress because it is not nice to see shoulder pads under the dress. Those with large breasts can choose a bandeau bra.

As for the panties we prefer the ones cut by laser that don’t mark the hips and better if they are high at the waist. Linen marks are to be avoided under every dress, but they are terrible under the slip dress.

How to combine a slip dress?

With ankle boots and leather jacket if you want to give your outfit a rock style (preferably black: dress, jacket and boots) and if you prefer to cover your hips, wear the trench coat (or any coat) in leather.

If you want to give a sporty touch or if you don’t like showing your arms, wear a t-shirt under your dress with sneakers.

If you want to be super stylish, wear the petticoat dress with high-heeled sandals and clutch bags, above you can wear a jacket in the same nuance as the dress. Easy chic with a long pullover that lets you see the lace of the dress or with a long cardigan, sneakers or amphibians.

The easiest color to wear? Surely black.

The lingerie dress is very easy style that allows us to wear many accessories, but at the same time it is also perfect in a minimal style.

My choice is for a rock combination, to the black slipt dress I added a black leather vest down to the feet.

The leather contrasts the femininity of the dress, creating a bold outfit. The black sandals have a large plexiglass heel, very comfortable. The bag is black, the only note of color is given by the feather of the mono-earring.

As you have seen the petticoat dress lends itself to many interpretations remaining always très chic, if the physicist allows it is one of the clothes to have absolutely in the wardrobe and if the physique does not seem to afford it, we use the combinations that hide a little those that we believe our imperfections.

I wear

slip dress Sciara

vest Ann Demeulemeester

sandals Phillip Lim

bag Yves Saint Laurent

eartring Dries Van Noten

sunglasses Mikita per Maison Margiela

watch Jäger Le Coultre

photo Alice Turchini

Rita Palazzi
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