How to match the suit


Match the suit in a fresh and young way? Here’s how.

The suit is a garment that lends itself to a thousand interpretations and allows us to play with accessories and combinations.

It can be worn on different occasions, in fact we are not just talking about the women’s business suit, but also suits with jackets that enhance our femininity. A garment to wear all year round, but what better time than spring to choose the suit we like most? We will not need to wear a coat over our suit.

The skirt and jacket suit

The suit can be composed of a skirt and jacket or trousers and jacket.  To match the suit, don’t choose the classic pencil skirt if the jacket has a masculine cut, it is too business manager. A soft, gathered skirt, with folds, overlapping or even a midi skirt make the outfit more modern and less serious.

Also the choice of color is fundamental to give new life to the skirt and jacket suit: stripes, flowers and bright colors are the trend of spring 2019.

To make this type of suit more elegant, play with the combinations and accessories and remember to always give harmony to the outfit. To give an example, the length and shape of the skirt determine the choice of shoes, you cannot choose a type of shoe a priori. Everything must have a logical thread so that there are no “false notes” in the final look.

The elegant trouser suit

The combination with the trousers is already more elegant in itself.

Do you remember the splendid tuxedo suits by Yves Saint Laurent? They were really beautiful. The elegant trouser suit is extremely chic for important evenings or very elegant events.

If white it’s the top! With the elegant suit you can’t choose easy accessories, you have to continue to complete the outfit with refined objects to get a very chic look.

We can also choose an easier model to wear for different situations like the one I chose for the photo shoot.

The tobacco color is not easy with to match, but it is a very refined color. For this shy beginning of spring I chose blue for the shirt and accessories, with the arrival of summer I will wear it with lighter colors like havana, light blue, pink or white. Being plain, it is also possible to wear a striped or floral shirt. If you want to make it easier, combine a t-shirt instead of a shirt.

With ankle-length pants the ideal footwear are ankle boots, but it is possible to choose pumps, mules or sneakers, depending on the tone you want to give to the whole and the temperature. What do you think? Do you have a suit in your closet? Are you going to buy one?

Come abbinare il tailleur

Come abbinare il tailleur

Come abbinare il tailleur

Come abbinare il tailleur

I wear

pant suit H24

shirt Massimo Dutti

bag Christian Dior

sunglasses Celine

earrings Marni

bracelet Prada

boots Stuart Weitzman

 photo Alice Turchini

Rita Palazzi
Written by