How to match the necklace with the dress

Matching the necklace with the dress may seem one of the easiest things to do, but in reality it requires great care if you don’t want to ruin an outfit.

I’m not exaggerating, combining the accessories with the dress is not easy because they can enhance the beauty of an outfit, but they can also “penalize” it when the combination is not done correctly.

It would be natural to think that a beautiful necklace is still a beautiful necklace, regardless of what is worn and who wears it, instead things are not like this.

Often we are “dazzled” by this type of accessory for its colors, its shape, its dimensions and, once purchased, we don’t know exactly how to match it. The things we have to pay attention to are:

  • the style of the outfit,
  • the shape and size of the neckline,
  • the colors of the outfit,
  • our physical structure,
  • not least the size of the necklace.

Among all the accessories it is the most difficult to match, but also the one that first attracts the attention of those who look at us.

The easiest necklace to wear is the thin chain with a small pendant: the initial of the name, heart, cross, star, diamond, or whatever, looks good with any outfit and on any person from the skinny to the curvy.

How to match the necklace with the dress, the neckline

Taking for granted the consistency of the style (which I will never tire of reiterating), which means NOT wearing a pearl choker on a hippie style clothing or the ethnic wooden necklace with the Chanel style suit, let’s take a look at the necklines.

  • If the neckline is round and not very deep the choker is the perfect necklace. Soft with chain or rigid is the right solution to make the dress important. It is not suitable for those who have large and short necks because it make enlarge the silhouette.

  • If the neckline is deep, the necklace with a length that reaches the neckline, with an important pendant or not is perfect. The set of several necklaces with different lengths is also very beautiful. Suitable for all, the only thing to check is the size.


  • If you wear a white shirt the ideal necklace is the thin chain to wear under or over the buttoned shirt to make the outfit very chic.

Come abbinare la collana al vestito

  • Above the crew neck dress, better if black, you can wear the long necklace with or without pendant, the one with jewel closure, the pearl necklace slightly longer than the neckline, the colored necklace. The choice depends not only on the neckline, but also on the dress model.

Come abbinare la collana al vestito

  • If the neckline is V-shaped, choose chains that, with a small pendant, take up the V of the dress. If it is very low-cut, you can opt for long necklaces or a choker.


How to match the necklace with the dress, the size of the jewel

Even the dimensions are fundamental for the combinations.

  • As we have already said the chains with a medal, a cross, a heart, a small pendant are good for any type of clothing, being thin it is also possible to wear more than one.
  • On the round neckline we can wear a long necklace with an important pendant or, as in my case, a necklace with an important component.
  • For the low-cut dress, both the thin necklace and the one with a large pendant that highlights the neckline are to be chosen. In this case the choice is given only by your aesthetic taste.
  • For the choker choose a thin one, perhaps with a free part, if rigid, if you are curvy, the thin ones can also wear larger chokers.

The necklace I show you has an important silver component, it has the shape of a semicircle from which feathers come out to simulate a sea anemone. It is handmade and made by the very good and beautiful Monica Coscioni (more details in Spazio Manassei Gioielli).

For such an important necklace I choose a black crew-necked dress with a deep side slit, the black bag with silver details and, single color detail, red heeled shoes. Take a fleeting look at the photos and you will see that the attention is all catalyzed by the necklace.

Suitable outfit for an elegant event, for a cocktail, an exhibition, an evening at the theater …

I wear

dress RickOwens

necklace Spazio Manassei Gioielli

shoes Marni

bag Paula Cademartori

sunglasses Illesteva

The photos in my outfit are by Alice Turchini, the others by Vogue Runway


Rita Palazzi
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