How to choose the right suit


Choosing the right suit requires special attention to satisfy all needs, even the most glamorous ones.

We are far from the typical uniform of the career woman, now suits are suitable for more occasions from the formal and elegant to the casual and easy.

The shapes and sizes of jackets and skirts or trousers combined and fabrics and patterns are what make it possible to adapt this garment to different situations.

The suit is not only the spring garment par excellence, in fact it is perfect even in winter under a coat or in summer in light fabric; what is more elegant than a white suit worn without a shirt?

If you want to make an investment buy a suit, which is combined with pants or skirts is still a timeless piece and allows you to make different combinations by changing the jacket or pants.

Who is the woman that can wear the suit? We can say that it suits everyone, the shape and length of the jacket are essential to adapt them to any physicality. More adherent at the waist for those with thin waistlines, with padded shoulder for those with more curvy hips, shorter for those who are not very tall, as you can see, there is nothing obvious or monotonous in the choice of this garment.

The right suit for an elegant evening

Do you have an elegant evening and don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry, the suit will allow you to be very elegant.

The important thing is to choose the right outfit.


All you have to do is try the model that best fits your physical structure and what you feel most in your ropes.

I recommend you pay attention to the accessories, always remember to check the harmony of the outfit, a wrong shoe or bag can ruin even the most expensive item.

The right suit for a day at the office

The suit, once a symbol of career women, was then abandoned as a representative look of female power. Women do not need to dress like men to demonstrate their power.

Currently the suit is worn in the office in the same way a dress is worn: because it reflects the aesthetic taste of the wearer.

In spring 2019, the office-wear suit is fresh and modern. It should no longer be pinstriped or blue, but can be colored, solid or fancy.

I recommend wearing a soft garment that allows you to feel comfortable all day long. And that also gives the opportunity to be adequately dressed if after the working day you want to be with friends for an aperitif or for a walk in the city center.

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Rita Palazzi
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