Be 50 years old today

Be 50 years old today is very different from few years ago.

In the common imagination the 50 years were a bit the end of life, the antechamber of old age and death. This is especially true for women also due to the arrival of menopause, seen as the arrival of old age.

Currently things are changing thanks to the enthusiasm and strength of us “mature” women who don’t want to be relegated only to the function of grandmothers and caring wives. We fifty-year-old women want to live our lives actively, satisfying our needs and desires.

Returning to menopause, the concept that this is the end of a woman’s femininity must be dispelled, menopause is the end of a woman’s reproductive period and that’s it. Symptoms aside, we should celebrate its arrival and live our sexuality without fears of procreation, because this is also one of the advantages of being 50 years old.

Be 50 years old: changes in our body and mind

Be 50 years old brings some changes in our body and mind.

If the canons of beauty and acceptance of the other remain rigid on toned and snappy bodies and on ready and brilliant minds, then we over50 are out

. But the beauty and value of a person cannot be just that.

We should consider women beautiful because of what transpires when they relate to others: feelings, experiences, struggles fought, battles lost and those won, screams of pain and breathtaking laughter.

It is true that our body changes over the years and it is not just a matter of wrinkles. Our muscles are less strong, our breath is shorter, our vision needs help to allow us to see well even up close, a few nights become sleepless and the need to pee increases, it is easier to gain weight and see it all around the waist, as well as having some forgetfulness.

All this, read like this, could frighten those approaching middle age, but rest assured they are really very small problems, largely overcome. Let’s see how point by point.

Muscle weakness If we commit seriously, which means at least three times a week, with a program of muscle strengthening exercises we can partly overcome the loss of muscle tone. The first thing required is constant training, which you can do in comfort even at home; 30/40 minutes per session are enough to have a “snappy” body.

An aerobic workout should be added to strength training. It is not necessary to go for a run, on the contrary the race often stimulates the joints of the hips and knees and could give some problems, walking at a fast pace is sufficient. For an optimal result it would be important to walk at least four times a week for an hour. With this training we will also increase our resistance to fatigue and we will not be in trouble when we go uphill.

Vision decrease A pair of reading glasses is enough for the sight. The bifocal glasses solve the problem of take off and put on, moreover currently the frames of the glasses are so beautiful that they succeed also to increase charm. Those who don’t love them can opt for contact lenses that are easy to use and “invisible”.

Insomnia Sleepless nights are my Achilles heel, but small aids with relaxing herbal teas, chamomile and melatonin can be of great help for falling asleep, as well as some relaxation techniques.

Frequency of urination We can also resolve urge to urinate with targeted exercises and with devices that stimulate muscle contraction and therefore  the control.

I will talk to you more in detail shortly after having tried them personally.

Weight gain Weight gain can be controlled with a low fat, sugar and flour diet, giving up some renunciation.

You can’t be greedy like me if you want to be online. The other solution is to accept a small weight gain and occasionally enjoy the delights of good food.

Forgetfulness Even our mind has wear like the rest of our body: it is easier to forget names, anniversaries and even to buy coffee that has been finished for two days. Don’t be alarmed you don’t have Alzheimer’s, there is nothing out of place in your mind and even the aging process of the mind can be slowed down.

Although it will seem strange to you, the first thing to do is physical activity, in the way we talked about before, as well as a diet rich in vegetables and fish. Also useful are all the memory games, crosswords, sudoku, puzzles in addition to reading books and dealing with other people.

Be 50 years old: how to live them serenely

Even if the picture described so far may not seem attractive, be fifty and over must be lived serenely. Because these are the years when we have more time for us because the children are already grown up and we don’t have to prove anything at work anymore.

Everything that was put into the background to give priority to family and work now comes to the surface. It is not uncommon for women to start a new life at fifty.

I am not referring to new partners (at least not only), but to new interests and job opportunities. Often passions are cultivated that turn into much more demanding things, as happened to me with my blog. Born from a passion for fashion, Not Only Twenty has become much more: a flag and a voice of women over 50 who claim their beauty and their joy for life. Because at 50 you still have the joy of living with all your passions and also with love.

It is no coincidence that Singles50 platform for meetings for people over 50 has also arrived in Italy.

Mature women (and men) still want to love and have sex, be attractive and self-confident because even if the body can change, the awareness that life has an end makes us live intensely and joyfully what remains of our days.

Rita Palazzi
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