Spring 2019 sunglasses, the new collections

Spring 2019 sunglasses, finally the right season has arrived to show off this accessory.

Sunglasses allow us to hide dark circles and puffy eyes, giving charm to any face as well as protecting our eyes from the sun rays.

The right shape is used to frame the face, soften it, make it gritty or make our character even more evident.

I wear them even in winter, choosing models with lighter lenses and I really like to change them as often as I do with clothes. To be precise, I change my glasses also because of the dress I choose because they help me frame the style of the outfit.

The characteristics listed seem to me to be sufficient motivations to run in search of the pair of glasses that best fits our face and our taste.

Women sunglasses for Spring 2019

The sunglasses of Spring 2019 do not differ much from those you already have in your drawer.

The shapes range from roundish to square to cat eye shaped, the dimensions vary. As you can see, the choice depends only on your taste and the shape and colors of your face.

 We follow small common sense rules:

  • all shapes and sizes look good on the oval face  
  • to the round face are better glasses wide, therefore more square
  • cat-eye and big glasses look good on the long face
  • to the square face they give oval shapes and those with rounded corners that soften the oval.

This is valid in general, but I always advise you to do tests. Try also different colors in the same model of glasses, very often the color of the frame and that of the lenses are fundamental, in addition to the shape.

The most beautiful cat-eye models for spring 2019 are those of Liu Jo, Max Mara and Fendi, if you like the model with one of these you are sure not to make mistakes. For those who love precious glasses, the cat’s eye model is that by DSquared.

Liu Jo


Max Mara



The novelties in the square glasses are by Fielmann and Italian Independent in the small rectangular shape and Dior and RayBan in the square shape and larger size.


Italian Independent




For the butterfly shape the best choice are Salvatore Ferragamo glasses with shaded lenses or the Dior glasses with the shade in the frame, but if you want a real butterfly you can’t miss Valentino‘s ones.

Salvatore Ferragamo




If you love the round ones, take a look at the autographed ones by Giorgio Armani and those with the precious spider by Alexander McQueen.

Giorgio Armani

AleXander McQueen


Spring 2019 sunglasses, the most innovative models

The most innovative models of the 2019 Spring sunglasses are the masks, fashionable in the 90s.

Goggles cover not only the eyes, but the bridge of the nose and the side of the face for all-round protection.

They range from the shape reminiscent of ski goggles to those with lateral protection like those proposed by Tom Ford to those more contained as dimensions.

If you want to be really trendy this is the right choice.


Tom Ford


Polaroid by Safilo


If you don’t like the mask or you want something even more extravagant you can choose between less classic shapes and colors. The creative flair of the designers has no limits and you will certainly not go unnoticed.






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Rita Palazzi
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