Semi-permanent nail polish is bad for your health

Semi-permanent nail polish is bad for your health, experts at the American Academy of Dermatology say.

Let’s see together what semi-permanent nail polish is and what the harmful effects are.

Semi-permanent nail polish is a type of nail polish that lasts over time, about three weeks, covers all types of nail blemishes and has a time of application of the same duration as what we used to put on, but after application it is immediately “dry”.

How not to love him? It is for these reasons that we are all crazy about permanent nail polish, just a beautician’s session every three weeks and we have perfect nails that don’t scratch even when working in the country without gloves, I can testify It.

Here is in detail how the application takes place:

  • the nails are made opaque by a file, usually white bricks are used which are less stressful for the nail,
  • then a base is laid that is fixed by placing the hand in a UVA furnace
  • the enamel is passed and dried again in the oven for a couple of times
  • finally the top coat is passed and dried in the oven with a longer exposure.

Semi-permanent nail polish: why is it bad?

According to American experts, UVA exposure is dangerous for the skin because it is high intensity. Repeated exposures can put the skin at risk of developing dangerous cancers like melanoma. Wrongly believed to be less dangerous than UVB rays, UVA rays are responsible for photoaging of the skin and increase the risk of skin cancer.

Other damages can be caused to the nails by the removal of the enamel: solvents often contain harmful substances and the abrasion on the nail caused by the devices to remove the enamel can weaken it and create damage that can last for months.

Even the substances contained in the semi-permanent nail polish are potentially harmful. Solvents that promote application and drying, if poor, can be dangerous for the nail and the skin.

Semi-permanent nail polish: how to avoid health risks

Don’t be alarmed, you can use some tricks to keep on using the semi-permanent polish.

The first important advice is:

  • avoid DIY. Always contact experienced professionals who use quality products and sterile manicure tools.
  • It is advisable, to protect the skin from the risks of cancer, to wear dark or high protection gloves against UVA rays during the application of the enamel and its drying in the oven (the cream with high sun protection does not seem to be sufficient).
  • Do not do more than one application a month and let the nail breathe at least a week before the next application.
  • As already mentioned, always use high quality products, beware of those who offer you manicures at too low prices, the best products generally have higher prices.

If we use these simple and basic suggestions we can continue to have perfect nails, reducing the risk to our health.

Rita Palazzi
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