Masculine look for stylish women

The masculine look for women is the Spring trend.

After stealing his jeans, we also take his jacket from his wardrobe.

It can be single or double-breasted, long or short, striped, checked or colored, preferably with padded shoulders. Wear it with matching trousers or as a separate piece, which gives strenght to any outfit, for a casual chic look, suitable for any situation.

Don’t imagine boring and classic combinations, the male jacket is for modern women who wear it with style and irony.

It is up to each of us to look for our own style. The choice must also be dictated by our body.

  • The double-breasted men’s jacket is for more slender women.  
  • Single breasted can be worn by all: thin and curvy.
  • The shorter jacket is for women who are not very tall, while the longer one is perfect on taller women. You can wear high-heeled shoes if you are short, like I did.

Masculine look for women, how to match the jacket

I love the masculine clothes worn with all taste and charm that we women can add, I find them terribly sexy.

For the pairings the stylists have given their best: it’s fine with everything. Worn over wrinkled jeans (Balmain), over latex trousers or biker trousers, over short pants and, for Sportmax, even over the bikini.

In addition to matching with pants of all shapes and sizes, we can wear the men’s jacket over long skirts (Loewe) or dresses for more feminine looks. Choose your combinations without forgetting the style of the outfit also with regards to the accessories.

My choice for the striped jacket is with the white shirt and the tie, but worn as if it were a necklace to highlight the feminine interpretation.

The soft pants I chose forced me to a wide heel (I prefer the décolleté with slightly more tight and shorter pants).

I didn’t wear earrings because I didn’t want to overload the look, I wanted attention on the tie. The only black note is the small black bag with a red heart embroidered with beads.

Masculine look for women, the suit

The other possibility to wear the masculine look is the suit.

If you want to inspire yourself look at those by Giorgio Armani: beautiful, elegant and extremely feminine. Also perfect for important occasions.

Alberta Ferretti easy outfit is beautiful in its colonial color, with smoking jacket the one by Celine. The choice of the suit allows you to have a wonderful outfit and the ability to mix the jacket and trousers with other garments to create different outfits. Because the beauty of fashion is precisely this: the pleasure and fun we experience in creating the looks that characterize us.

I wear:

Jacket Haider Ackermann

pants Ann Demeulemeester

shirt Sophie D’Hoore

bag Les petite Joueurs

tie Cravattificio di Siena

shoes Alexander Wang

Photo Alice Turchini

Rita Palazzi
Written by