Choosing the perfume speak of us

I’ve always had a good sense of smell.

As a child, when my mother came home with the shopping, I could recognize the fruit she had bought and that was in the closed cart even though they were bananas.

I’ve always been very sensitive to smell: attracted or rejected.

I remember my father’s smell perfectly. He never left home without his perfume. How many times, even after his death, I looked for him among the people just because I picked up his scent.

For me wearing perfume is as important as brushing my teeth and combing my hair. I couldn’t go out without it, it is true the saying: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

What to look for in a perfume

Why do we choose a perfume instead of another?

Certain smells awaken in us remote memories and certain olfactory notes stimulate our senses and our imagination.

Each of us has our own experience, our own character, our own way of opening up to others and this affects the choice of fragrances. Spicy, citrus, sylvan, fruity, intense, we all have notes that we prefer and that often recur in the choice of perfume.

There are no better fragrances than others, those that our sense of smell chooses are the best ones for us.

What to look for in a perfume? Emotions. I’m not exaggerating, my perfume must excite me, it must awaken in me pleasant sensations that I want to keep tight.

How to choose the right perfume

If you are looking for a perfume, do not smell more than three or four, otherwise you will no longer be able to appreciate the fragrance.

Usually the one we like best is the right one, but we have to proceed in this way: sprinkle a little on the special cardboard and appreciate the smell well.

If we are sure that we like it we spray it on our wrists, we wait until the alcohol has evaporated and we smell the perfume, it is possible that it changes in contact with our skin.

If you like the smell on your skin it’s yours!

The choice of my last Indelible Cologne perfume by Frederic Malle was a coincidence.

I went to the store and I felt this delicious scent that immediately gave me good feelings. I asked Ilaria which one it was and she sprayed it on my arm. I hadn’t gone to buy the perfume so I left the shop to do other things, but that fragrance stunned me: every now and then I smelled my arm and you know what the feeling was? I wanted to hug me!

When I finished doing all the irremediable things, I ran back to the store because that was my perfume: irresistible!

Rita Palazzi
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