Bomber jackets for women, the 2019 collections

The bomber jackets for women refer to jackets created to keep aircraft pilots warm during the First World War.

The model is still more or less the same as that worn by pilots and taken up in the 80s for baseball jackets. Short at the waist with elastic, zipper on the front, soft sleeves closed with elastic.

The military green color is one of the most popular for its reference to the origins of the jacket.

This jacket, purely male, over time also becomes a piece of women’s clothing. The feminine declination of the bomber jacket leads to variations in fabrics, colors, lengths and combinations.

A jacket not easy to wear and not suitable for all sizes.

Bomber jackets 2019, the most beautiful models

The bomber jacket for 2019 is no longer just the military green waterproof fabric with the orange interior, the world and the beauty of women’s clothes have infected even such a sporty garment.

For Gucci the bomber jacket is pink, embellished with sequins and oversized, to be worn in a fake casual fashion on jeans and t-shirts or to be combined with a tulle midi skirt for a super chic outfit. The combination with high-heeled sandals make it more sophisticated, easier with sneakers.

In black satin with studs on the shoulders for Valentino, easy matching for a sporty look, beautiful contrast with the black pants and black lingerie top. The gritty charge of the bomber jacket plus the femininity of the top lingerie are an unbeatable contrast, if the bomber line is clean as in this case.

Phillip Lim shows us a short bomber jacket with particular sleeves, to match the midi skirt always in the same cream white color. The line and the very feminine color are made stronger when paired with commando boots, also beautiful with fringed moccasins, perhaps gilded like those of Gucci.

The model of the MM6 by Maison Margiela is softer and written, and easier to wear with every physicality. This model lends itself to many combinations: from jeans to the long skirt, to the pencil skirt to baggy pants. The combination you choose will determine whether the outfit will be sporty or elegant.

For Junya Watanabe the bomber jacket has its original colors, the diversity is in the length and in the floral embroidery on the front. Even the sleeve has a new shape, it is not tight with the elastic at the bottom, but is taken up in the inner part forming a sort of drapery. Although softened by embroidery, the jacket has a very sporty look.

Why choose a bomber

There are several good reasons to choose a bomber.

  • It’s a sporty and gritty jacket that fits well with an easy pairing, it’s perfect with jeans.
  • It is suitable for women with different physical characteristics depending on the choice of the model, more or less long and more or less wide, but it is not the type of jacket more suitable for women with too generous shapes.
  • It can be worn on skirts of all lengths highlighting the waist, if the short bomber jacket is chosen.
  • The choice of the longer one manages to camouflage some small roundness.

If you want something special you can find the one that suits you by choosing a jacket similar to the one with sequins by Gucci, to wear on jeans or on more elegant occasions combined with dresses or trousers.

The bomber jacket is beautiful and practical, but don’t choose it if you don’t feel it. If you think it is not suitable for women over 50, don’t buy it, you would not be able to wear it casually. On the contrary, if you like it don’t be hesitant about buying, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Below two images of my bombers, you can see the combinations in the My style section.


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