Which lingerie to choose

Are you dear friends fond of lingerie too? I like it so much. Usually I wear co-ordinates, I can’t put on a panty other than a bra.

Instead, many of my friends don’t give great importance to underwear, wearing the first thing they find in the morning in the drawer.

I believe that wearing “beautiful” underwear, not necessarily expensive, helps us to strengthen our self-esteem. If I wore faded or bleached linen I would have the impression of not considering my body worthy of having something beautiful. There are many brands of lingerie from all prices of all shapes, certainly  it’s not because of the price.

Which bra to choose

The choice of the bra is not an easy choice because there are so many shapes and sizes of breasts and even with the same size there is the model thatbest suits to our shape. The choice must however enhance our breasts that must not overflow from the bra and not even get lost in it.

I have small breasts, a second is good for me, but my breast is “wide” and my chest is not small. Usually I choose the padded brassiere that makes my silhouette more harmonious, but I have to be careful that the cups are not too close otherwise the underwire does not entirely embrace the breast and the circumference of the underbust band must be wide enough not to squeeze the chest.

I recommend always measuring the bra without relying only on the size because many times there are differences in the even in the same size.

We must also pay attention to the shoulder straps that should not “furrow” the shoulder, the underwire and the underbust band are used to support the chest, it is not just the shoulder pads that do it, don’t put them too tight.

Like bras, there are many models for panties that fit our physical conformation.

Currently I prefer the taller panty because it doesn’t mark the tummy and I also find it terribly sexy.

The choice is yours alone, but try to buy lingerie that, besides being comfortable, makes you feel beautiful, no matter what your size and age.

The concept of beauty has become less restrictive, it also suits us over 50 and beyond …

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