The black and white dress: an easy to wear evergreen

If you are looking for a dress that you want to wear over time, that is not boring and that is always evergreen, choose the black and white dress. The one with the black background and the white patterns is easier, the white with black patterns is very refined, the choice is yours.

In addition to being an evergreen, it is also very easy to combine, both in terms of accessories and coats.

Fashion is often based on the disposable method: a garment is fashionable for a season and then relegated to the wardrobe. I don’t like it very much, I enjoy wearing my clothes, always mixing them to give them a touch of new.

You will have noticed that in the combinations of my outfits both the accessories and certain pieces are used quite often.

The black and white dress to wear from morning to night

With a rather neutral dress (that is to say that it does not affect much with the combinations) like this, you can indulge yourself with accessories.

Indeed you can, with accessories, make your outfit day or evening, easy or sophisticated, casual (if you add extra color, like red or blue bag or whatever you like) or “serious” (if you stay in the colors of black and white also with accessories).

My pairings are for an outfit that is good for a cocktail, a happy hour, a night at the theater or a dinner.

The  midi dress has a fitted bodice with a wide skirt with flounces and a scarf for collar. First of all I chose to wear a black suede belt to highlight the waist, the rhinestone buckle is used to give light and is perfect for the evening. To give character to the outfit, I chose ankle boots with a toe and heel in silver metal and a black leather bag with studs. Since I see myself better when I am unglued, the bow is very low. To give light to the face I have combined the white and black earrings and the sunglasses with light frames. The black coat from which the last flounce comes out seemed to me to have a correct proportion with the dress and also the effect of the ruffle that sways with the step, because it comes out of the coat, I like it and it brings me joy. What do you think, do you like it?

I wear

dress Zara

coat Forte-Forte

earrings Topshop

bag Valentino

shoes Proenza Schouler

sunglasses da sole Mikita

ring vintage

photo Alice Turchini

Rita Palazzi
Written by