The 50 year old women are not the new 30 year old ones

I read this sentence daily: fifty-year-old women are the new thirty-year-old ones.

But what sense does a sentence like this have?

I disagree, for me the fifty year old women are the fifty ones.

I don’t want to be compared to a thirty-year-old woman, that’s a beautiful stage of life I’ve already spent.

And I don’t even want to take away the space of wonderful thirty-year-old women, who make our world more beautiful.

We, fifty and over, are ourselves, we don’t want to be anything different.

I want to be a person of my age who takes care of herself, who likes herself, who has many interests and feels alive.

I definitely do not want to be stressed out by competing with younger women. Because I don’t like competition, there is room for everyone and everyone can enrich me because it’s not my interest to look like what I’m not.

Fifty years old: our uniqueness is our beauty

I would also like to claim the right to our wrinkles, to our rounded waistline, to our increase in size, as well as to our joie de vivre, our curiosity towards the world and respect for diversity. This is our beauty, not to look like a thirty year old!

It’s nice to see a world populated by women of all ages, each with their own beauty, with their own experiences and their own tastes. There is room for each of us and we can only understand it if we value our person and our uniqueness.

I am often amazed at the free-floating criticism I read against other women (link), with cutting judgments clearly expressed on things that are not known.

My work brings me to confront daily very different people in age, social environment, and with more or less numerous families and I can guarantee you that each has its own experience which cannot be ignored. The points of view taken about a given topic are completely different and all understandable and unquestionable.

This is to say that summary judgments reveal only superficiality and lack of sensitivity and, perhaps, also a spirit of protagonism ( protagonism =wanting to be a prima donna).

Sometimes we should stop and reflect on the brevity of life and how it would be nice to spend our little time respecting differences. I am extremely convinced that each of us can do our part. I would like to suggest the following proposal: can we, before criticizing, try to understand the why of certain behaviors and certain choices?

This would bring us great personal enrichment as we empathize with the world.

I show you a panorama of women of all ages that I have photographed in the streets of Siena, Milan, Orvieto to show you how everyone is beautiful regardless of age and size.

In the image of the cover I’m with Elisa, my thirty-year old friend, with whom I enjoy a world.


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Rita Palazzi
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    Amy Kennedy

    Oh what a beautiful post! Those women! Each one so lovely! I loved it! Thank you for sharing this! It made my day!

    • Rita Palazzi
      Rita Palazzi

      Amy thank you for your kindness ❤️