Menopause is not the end of beauty and sensuality

We women are all afraid of uttering the word menopause when we talk about ourselves.

Not only because some manifestations like hot flashes, insomnia and irritability don’t please us, but because the menopause is associated with the end of our “femininity“. And, in this case, by femininity I mean feeling a female, so attractive and sensual for the other sex.

We must dispel this negative value.

It is true that menopause is not an easy period to accept for the reasons mentioned above, but our beauty and our sensuality are not undermined by this phase of our life.

It’s time to talk about it openly!

For this reason, I accepted with joy and enthusiasm the interview that Femal company, producer of supplements for the well-being of women during menopause, asked me.

The interview ((Fashion blogger e menopausa) is on the blog of Femal, along with other interesting articles (link), I invite you to read it.

Rita, fashion blogger over50: ecco come puoi sentirti a tuo agio in menopausa

Rita Palazzi
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