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Today I want to talk to you about something beautiful.

On the 5th, 6th and 7th April at the “La Salute” thermal establishment in Montecatini Terme, the Sfizi alle Terme event will be held.

Many Italian artisans will show their products immersed in the beautiful park of the spa. The purpose of the event is to give visibility to the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and we know how much skill requires the creation of a beautiful and unique product.

Making a product with love and professionalism seems to be impossible, craftsmanship is crushed by an increasingly competitive market that favors the products made in series and ugly.

The few who continue, with courage and determination, must come to terms with ever increasing expenses and ever less conspicuous returns.

Italy, a country of excellence in the arts and crafts, has for a large number of artisans whose skills have been lost forever.ù In a country where everyone wants to be a graduate, craftsmanship has almost disappeared; if we add to this the crisis and the delocalization of the manufacture of products, the hope that there may be an inversion of tendency is remote.

Art Lovers: artisans and creatives

For this reason I am very happy with the initiative that the association of artisans and creatives Art Lovers is organizing.

Grace Consuelo Incerpi is the president of the association and also the creator of the jewels Le pupe di Grace, Giulio Zacchei, vice president, selects high quality vintage, Chiara Nesti is part of the organizing secretary and creator of the Gemelle toscane bags.

Together with the other members of the association, they are committed to giving life to a very important event.

Important for our future and for the future of the environment. I transcribe the phrase extrapolated from the email sent to me, which struck me and describes the project’s purpose: “… The event has two purposes, to strengthen two great themes that will become the trend of the future: Eco-sustainable productions and the return to a great resource: “craftsmanship”. “

Such a precious purpose for the country is worthy of being supported by all of us.


L’associazione Art Lovers

Artisans and bloggers

Exhibitors will participate in the “Best Creation” contest. Together with the bloggers Maggie Dall’Ospedale of Indian Savage blog, Manuela Fortuna with her blog La nicchia profumata and Manuela Muratore of Unconventional Secrets will select the winners who will be awarded by us.

The event is underway and surely other bloggers will join us.

A wonderful opportunity to see and touch the unique objects produced by the many artisans present. For this reason I invite you all 6 and 7 April to Sfizi alle Terme; in addition to the beautiful proposals of the exhibitors, who will not make you regret having participated, we will also have the opportunity to know each other personally.

A unique opportunity for a different weekend and to spend some time together. And if you decide to attend the event on the 6th, we will toast for my birthday.

For those who want to stay the next day, which would fill me with joy, I recommend the beautiful Hotel Biondi.

I wait for you all in Montecatini Terme, we cannot miss such a chance!

This is the link to see who are the organizers, the program, the exhibitors and the bloggers:


Creazioni Solaria

Il vintage di Giulio Zacchei


Hotel Biondi

la Salute

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