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I don’t like to be a professor in the chair, as I have repeated several times everyone can dress as she wants, dictating their own rules.

But the continuous request for advices from women, friends who don’t feel confident about their choices has stimulated me to create Style Advice.

The fundamental thing, from which we cannot disregard, and which I repeat all the time, is the harmony of the outfit.

Sometimes a wrong accessory is enough to undermine the beauty of our look.

The first rule is: make sure there is nothing “out of place” in your outfit.

You can like the western style, the dark lady, the romantic one, the 70s one, the masculine one, the casual one; in short, you can choose everything you want, but the important thing is that the look is “consistent“. Even if you don’t want to define a particular style, you should always look for harmony in the outfit: harmony in the prints, in the colors, in the combined lengths.

Don’t be lazy, maybe you don’t change bag because you don’t want to move your things in the one that would suit the outfit better; clothing is our way to introduce ourselves and must represent us at best.

If, on the other hand, you are not used to it or you don’t have talent for winning combinations, I hope that this article and the others that come will be able to help you.

Before starting I suggest you read the article How to organize our wardrobe.

What to combine and what don’t

When we wear a very feminine bonton dress like a LBD dress, the perfect shoes are décolleté (or the sligback) or, whether in summer or winter, sandals. Winter sandals must be different from summer ones.

YES handbag or clutch bag, NO shoulder bag or cross-body.

Yes to important bijoux and big sunglasses.


If the LBD dress is a little shorter and  in leather and you want to give a rock style to the outfit, you can wear ankle boots, preferably with metal toe or heel.

Right combo the bag with studs, perfect is also the cross-body  bag with chain. NO shopper bag.


If you choose a dress with ruffles you cannot wear décolleté, the most suitable shoes are the ones with the ankle strap.

Yes big earrings.

YES handbag, NO cross-body.


For the slightly short and soft dress the boots over the knee are a good choice when you are not twenty years old.

NO décolleté. YES sneakers, ankle boots, loafers with fringes, ballerinas.

YES cross-body bags, shoulder bags, hand bags.


How to organize our wardrobe

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