Spring 2019: the shoes we all wold like to have

I do not know a woman who doesn’t like shoes.

 Even if we wear the ones that are more comfortable, each of us wants the model (certainly more uncomfortable), that is fabulous on the foot and that lengthens the figure.

Paris and Milan have proposed many models during the spring 2019 fashion shows, suitable for every type of clothing and for every situation.

Boots for spring

The highlight of spring are boots, soft suede for knee boots or ankle boots for those who love rock or western style, up to the boots open toe in a bright pink color proposed by Loewe.

The heel is medium-low and wide enough to make this shoe comfortable. The prevalence of colors is black and white.

They can be worn with trousers or with dresses and wide skirts or with flounces and asymmetrical, made of light fabrics or tulle. To wear from morning to night.


A shoe that I love is décolleté, because it is elegant and versatile.

Can be combined with a bon ton dress or torn jeans and always looks elegant.

This spring the décolleté are revisited: with strings and straps up to the ankle or in gathered fabric. Open toe or sideways, to wear with elegant or “faux” casual clothing.

The heel, like any dream shoe, is medium to high and rather thin, not very suitable for long walks.


The sneakers are no longer relegated only to the gym or to the sporting activity, they are enthralled in pret-a-porter and worn with dresses too.

Perhaps for cultural heritage or perhaps because I wear them every day for my work, I must say that they don’t make me crazy.

However, I propose you the two models that seem easier to match.


The shoes with plateau are always trendy.

I like them a lot because I find them comfortable and still slim the figure.

The models are many: there are those with heels and plateaus, with a single wedge or platform.

Easy to wear with both pants and clothes, from morning to evening. 


The most beautiful sandals

For those who love sandals this spring will be spoiled for choice, there are for all tastes.

Those with high heels, also suitable for important occasions, but also perfect with jeans, have thin straps.

Sandals are minimal, a few strips of leather and foot as much as possible naked, really refined.

When they are more opaque they have particular details: feathers, rhinestones or important pattern.

High heels and rather thin, you have to be good at walking smoothly. There is nothing more ugly than seeing a person who cannot move on heels, in this case choose lower heels.


If you like high-heeled sandals, but you cannot walk properly with those shoes, don’t worry. There are some beautiful models with kitten heels that are extremely comfortable (see also those with sculpted heels).

For those who want super comfortable shoes there are sandals without heels. Do not expect the slippers to wear only with easy clothing. The new sandals are refined and sober in shapes and materials. Dreamy ones with Valentino’s feathers.

Flat sandals are beautiful worn with long and soft dresses.


For lovers of ballerinas, the shape becomes more tapered to make the figure more slender.


If you haven’t yet found your ideal shoes for spring, take a look at these with the heels of plexi or with sculpted heels.

One cannot fail to capitulate!

(All the photos are from Vogue)

Rita Palazzi
Written by