Goodbye to dark spots with laser


Over the years our skin is subject to discoloration, the dark (or senile) spots are the most obvious.

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and see that the color of your face is altered by the presence of dark spots that alter its beauty?

Dark spots are an accumulation of melanin located in one spot, not only due to exposure to sunlight with poor protection (link), but also to age.

With the passing of the years the pigmentation of the skin becomes more irregular, favoring the formation of dark spots on the face and back of the hands.

Remedies for dark spots

The remedies range from peeling with various acids to cryotherapy, to dermabrasion, and finally to the laser.

If your stains are just hinted you can try the chemical peel and the use of cosmetic products that tend to uniform the discoloration.

If, instead, your spots are very defined and brown, the final solution is to remove them with laser.

There are different types of lasers, rely on a good dermatologist, she/he will choose the best laser for your problem.

The laser beam is absorbed by the hyperpigmented area, which in this way is fragmented and removed from the lymphatic circulation.

Why choose  laser

Laser is a great way to eliminate dark spots in a short time. Just one or at most two sessions to eliminate the unsightly stain.

The treatment creates a little discomfort at the time of application and a burning sensation localized at the dispensing point for about an hour, then the area remains red for few days.

For few days it is important to put an antibiotic cream on the spots several times a day, after a couple of days you can use a foundation with sunscreen.

After a few days a scab is formed which falls on its own in 15/20 days, leaving the skin smooth and clear.

It is important to always use a cream that protects you from the sunrays, especially once the scabs have fallen.

With a treatment like this, when you look in the mirror, you will feel like they took you several years.

Contraindications to laser treatment

There are no contraindications to laser treatment.

The only drawback is that you will have on the face and on your hands the small scabs in the areas located at the treatment for 2/3 weeks.

The treatment should preferably be done in winter, when exposure to sunlight is lower.

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to have bright skin in spring?

Treatment for dark spots on hands, face and décolleté one hour after treatment 

Here is how the skin looks immediately after laser treatment

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