Winter sales: what to buy

In a few days winter sales will start, this is the moment to buy the piece that was too expensive or what it is to wear once in a while.

If we hurry we can also take a look at the sales looking for our dress for New Year’s Eve, at least take a look to buy something similar …

If, however, we already have what we need to celebrate the new year, we devote our attention to the selection of garments that will be perfect for next spring, taking advantage of the sales.

All recommended items can be purchased on Net-a- Porter.

If we opt for a skirt we have the possibility to choose between the one with sequins, which is midi or the black one, more easily combinable or we can take advantage of the 50% discount to buy the embroidered one, another choice is the pleated one with flower print. Depending on what is paired with the skirt, they can all be used for the New Year’s Eve.

If you prefer pants, the choice is easier: a pair of black trousers, soft and with a good cut are what you need. They fit well with everything and you can even wear them for an elegant evening. You can also choose the velvet ones to wear with a nice black shirt or jacket, or the soft satin ones or those that are more adherent and slightly flared in red.

Let’s see what combinations for skirts or trousers we can be with some tops and shirts. The choice is wide: from the bustier with puffed sleeves to the silk shirt. From the top with bare shoulders to the polka dot shirt. Choose according to color, price and your personal taste.

Those who, like me, love dresses can choice easily. In the review that I have chosen for you I have also included a very expensive dress, but I had to show you a Roland Mouret dress, his clothes are masterpieces

Velvet, lace, silk, tulle, crepès for the fabrics and as models we have the possibility to choose between various lengths and widths, between asymmetries and flounces, between necklines and overlaps, between long and not long sleeves. In short, I cannot believe that among all the clothes there is not one that makes you dream.

For lovers of jumpsuits I chose two pieces that I like very much: one in black velvet and one in soft silk.

In addition, if the budget available allows you, buy a coat between these four, for sure you will not regret!

I wish you a good choice and a wonderful 2019!

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Rita Palazzi
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