Five things to do to increase our sensuality

That we women are mistreated is a truth, that we are ignored when we reach fifty years is a second truth.

This leads many of us to have low self-esteem, to feel like nullity and “finished” as women. But we are not at all finished, rather we have energy, curiosity and desire.

And we claim our sensuality because we women are and can be sensual at all ages.

This is shown by actresses like Sharon Stone, Vanessa Redgrave, Meryl Streep or the top models Carmen dell’Orefice and Benedetta Barzini, women whose charm doesn’t lack, despite their age.

Often we ourselves have little esteem of ourselves and the most ruthless to find physical defects that, if compared to the standard of beauty immortalized in the newspapers make us fall into depression. But a woman is not just a flat stomach that, if it is replaced by a rounder belly, is no longer female. We are much more than this and the first people to believe it must be ourselves.

For this reason I want to offer you five things to do to increase our sensuality.

Accept the new phase of life

The first thing is to accept being in a new phase of life. We must not chase a youth that no longer belongs to us, but we must be aware of our age, accept it and love it.

We often see women trying to stay young by resorting to cosmetic surgery and who are in crisis as soon as they see a wrinkle appears, I think that this isn’t the way to be happy.

Accepting our age, trying to improve our appearance ,not in an exasperated way, is essential to be serene. I’m not opposed to aesthetic treatments of any kind, it is important not to trigger a run-up to twenty years that sees us anyway losers and frustrated.

The second step is to love ourselves. Once we acknowledge that we are at a different stage in life, let us realize our uniqueness. There is no one else like us, our uniqueness is our beauty. Let us repeat ourselves as a mantra that we value and that we are as beautiful as we are and for what we are. Having self-esteem is essential.

We learn to love our body, let us undress as soon as possible and observe our body with indulgent eyes. Perhaps our belly is not as big as we thought, our breasts are not so bad, our face still looks nice. Let’s look at ourselves with loving eyes as we look at our partners, and find the beauty in what we see. I guarantee you that if we feel beautiful, others will see us beautiful.

And if we like some things less, we can resort to repairs. Moisturizing creams, massages, aesthetic acupuncture, swimming, walking, Pilates lessons, weight training … we can choose what we like best.

Spend time on ourselves

We dedicate time to ourselves. Let’s take some time just for us. For a bathroom with fragrant salts, maybe listening to relaxing music, inebriating the smell of salts and focusing attention only on this sense. Indulging in warm and fragrant foam. Or we dedicate our time to massage with a cream that we like the texture, always starting from the bottom in centripetal sense (all movements should go in the direction of the heart) and, focusing attention on touch, we explore our body. Another day we can cook  the thing we want, devoting some time to the realization enjoying all the scents of the kitchen, and then enjoy it in small morsels that we will savor very slowly, almost with pleasure.

Finally we leave our body free to move. Turn on the radio, the stereo, the music on the phone and leave your body free. Dance. Dono’t think about how you should move, but let your body decide, dance with sensuality, feeling the music on your skin. It will help you become more confident with yourself and realize that you have something that you thought lost.

Follow these few tips and you will feel completely different, more aware of who you are and the beauty of your body.

I recommend you don’t let others interfere (and boycott) your sensuality recovery program.



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Rita Palazzi
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