Fashion can save the world

You will all know Greta Thunberg, the fifteen-year-old Swedish woman who fights to save the world.

Her speech at the World Climate Conference left everyone stunned. When she tells adults: you have stolen our future, it’s like getting a punch in the stomach.

Yes, because Greta is right, too many economic interests have depleted the environment and it seems that the phase of no return is very close.

Everyone can see Greenpeace’s film on the consequences that plastic is having on the world. But, as Greta says, if we all join, we can still change the world.

So read the article on sustainable fashion, but don’t stop at the simple article, go to the link and look at the research that Greenpeace has done on the colors of the tissues and their impact on the environment.

There is also a list of famous brands: see who the black sheep is! We decide to buy only brands that respect the environment to save the future of Greta and all the young … this is my Christmas wish for all of us.



Is it possible a sustainable fashion?

Rita Palazzi
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