Are women in their fifties really “invisible”?


le donne cinquantenni sono davvero invisibili

Do you remember the story of Robin meeting Dave and spending some wonderful days with him, but when he asks him why he never wanted to have sex with her, he confesses that he is not attracted to her body (link).

It is these days the declaration, during an interview with Marie Claire Francia, of the French writer and anchor man Yann Moix on women in their fifties.

He, fifty years old, states that he cannot love women his age because they are too old and therefore invisible to his eyes.

The writer goes on to say that the body of a twenty-five girl is extraordinary, that of a fifty woman is not.

And he continues his reassignment by specifying his preferences for Asian women.

The fifty years old women against Yann Moix

As you can imagine, fifty-year-old women have been unleashed on the web.

Who sent him the photo of her side B to prove her own goodness, saying it was a pity for him to lose such a thing. Who wrote to him that it was really a pleasure not to have relationships with a guy like that, and things like that.

However, no comments from men were heard.

That a 25-year-old female body is more toned than a 50-year-old female body is a blatant thing. The same happens to a 50-year-old male body: the same physical decay.

But is love only given by a tonic body? Or the attraction for a woman is given by many factors such as: the physical appearance, the way of moving, the way of speaking, the experiences, the interests, the hilarity and much more?

Because if so, then writer Yann Moix must have lost something.

Someone speculates that it was a publicity stunt to draw attention to the writer and his book Rompre just came out.

I think that the statements made are sexist and offensive. Besides the fact that a man like that seems to me really little.

What do you think?


Sexual desire and wrinkles

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