5 trends for spring 2019

Do you want to be trendy? Then you cannot miss at least one of the five must-have of Spring 2019.

A trend to have absolutely is the animalier. This print will be the protagonist of spring/summer. Not only spotted, but also zebra and python. Multiple interpretations: from the trench to the light dress like a veil, from the natural color to the fluo. As always the idea is launched, then it is up to us to interpret it in the way we feel most our own.

My advice: you can buy your animal print clothes on sale (it was also one of the trends of winter), I took three pieces that I will show you soon.

A piece we must have in the closet is red, it can be a dress, a suit or a coat. Usually the red is good on brunettes and blondes and is perfect for both elegant clothing (famous Valentino red) and for easy wear. I am ready to wear my Capannolo red dress again, ideal for a cocktail, a dinner or an event. Waiting for the spring I will show you another outfit with the red coat you have already seen here.

My advice: do not hesitate a red dress is forever.


One of the trends that we will see this spring are the cycling pants: adherent and above the knee.

Difficult to wear if we are not skinny and sufficiently high. Worn with something short, top type or jacket is a prerogative only for those who have the aforementioned requirements in addition to a very self-confident character. There are alternatives that we should try on: with long jacket, or long and wide top or long dress with slit. I don’t have one and I have the impression that with my body it will be difficult to find the ideal solution, but I will certainly try them on.

My advice: don’t discard them a priori and don’t buy them because they are fashionable. Try them, wear them with an “over” and look at yourself for a long time. Every outfit that we wear must be a part of us that we want to show, if the result you like well, otherwise overwhelm.


A spring trend that I love is the mix of prints. Dresses made with different fabrics and patterns or combinations of pieces with different patterns. If you choose the second option you need to be sure that the combo of the pieces is harmonic, the final result must be pleasant and not look like a jumble. The idea that you have worn the first things that you find opening the wardrobe, should not even reach the mind of those who look at your outfit. I have a silk dress with three different patterns that I bought online andIt doesn’t fit me, I have not changed it with the hope of losing few pounds, but at the moment I cannot wear it, I hopeI I will in  spring …

My advice: if you’re not sure you’re good at mixing prints, choose a piece where these are already assembled.


Finally the lingerie trend. Silk with lace, you can choose between the soft and long dress or the top to wear with pants.

The trend is very feminine and is an evergreen, probably you will already have in the drawers of your lingerie the piece that can easily be worn without anything above.

An easy piece to have if you don’t already have it.

My advice: if you choose the dress, look for a fairly firm silk and a soft shape able to caress the shapes without underlining them.


Milan fashion week: the trends for next spring

Rita Palazzi
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