Western style: how to wear it


Western style, one of the fall/winter 2018 trends, is not an easy style to wear. We can, however, interpret it giving the outfit a glamorous, but classy look.

As always we must find a consistency between all the pieces that make up the outfit, this, as I often repeat, is essential for an look to work.

There must be no discord that distances from the style that we choose for our outfit.

To return to the western style, it is not necessary to wear jackets with fringes or cowboy hats to interpret it, if these garments seem a little too “pushed” for your tastes.

Leather pants for western style

Surely we should have leather pants (which can be worn a lifetime by creating different styles).

If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can opt for a faux leather one or a pair of black jeans.

Another essential piece are the ankle boots, these must absolutely have a western flavor, no thin high heels, yes to those with wide heels and square toe.

The ones I’m wearing are by Ann Demeulemeester and I’ve had them for four years, they’re indestructible and very versatile, I bought them on sale, but they’re an ongoing model that you can still find.

At this point with leather pants and ankle boots our style already has its connotation.

I added a silk shirt with brackets and bridle, which I had in the wardrobe for several years and I had never worn (don’t ask me why, I couldn’t answer).

Over my shirt I chose a redingote-like jacket, the jacket that women used in 1700 for equestrian racing.

To complete the look I opted for the faux python bag, a pair of round glasses and the necklace with feathers.

This is one of the ways of interpreting western style without being excessive, what do you think? You like it?










I wear

shirt Gucci

pants Forte_Forte

coat Akris

ankle boots Ann Demeulemeester

bag Dries Van Noten

sunglasses Illesteva

necklòace Isabel Marant

rings Marco Bicego

photo Alice Turchini


Fall / Winter 2018 fashion preview

Rita Palazzi
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