How to dress on New Year’s Eve: 8 proposals with pants

The Christmas holidays are approaching and with the holidays comes the anxiety of “what do I wear?“.

Christmas, usually spent with the family, doesn’t create too much stress, it is the New Year’s Eve when we want to give our best .

Whether at home with friends, at a restaurant, at a club with music or in the squares of some cities, our desire to be dressed appropriately for the occasion must be satisfied.

Which outfit to choose

But is it possible to be elegant without spending a fortune?

Did Christmas leave us without money because of gifts, dinners and traditional games? No problem, we can be well dressed even using what we already have in our closet.

In today’s post I want to show you some proposals with pants.

Trousers must be black, of good cut, soft, straight or panta palazzo. The important thing is that the fabric is beautiful and the cut perfect.

Let’s see how to combine them to make them special.

The first proposal is pairing with a pajama style shirt. If you have one in the closet it will be perfect.

If you want to be bubbling choose a particular top, the one in the picture is with ostrich feathers.

A winning mix is ​​with the golden jacket, under which to wear a black shirt or a top with sequins.

If you have chosen palazzo pants, wear a shirt tucked inside the pants to make the silhouette leaner.

For those with a rock spirit I recommend the jacket with silver and black sequins, under a gray silk shirt with sleeves coming out of the jacket.

On the semi-fitted trousers the top with embroidery and fluorescent applications.

For those who want something red in New Year’s shirt with ruffles on the sleeves

Finally the black and golden sleeveless top.

In all outfits are recommended shoes with high heels: sandals, décolleté or platform. The bag that I recommend is the clutch bag.

Rita Palazzi
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