50 ideas for all prices gift

Like every Christmas the choice of gifts is always a complicated thing.

The choice depends on the person who will receive it and the budget we have available.

The advice is to start on time and go to find special gifts in some market or in a vintage store because the gift takes time. But often happens to get close to the Christmas festivities and not yet have clear ideas and little time available. For the latecomers and the undecided I prepared a list of 50 gift ideas at all prices.

Which gift to choose

You can opt for a scented candle to give to a friend or a lipstick or a book, maybe the story of Michelle Obama, a hymn to believe in themselves to become what we want to be.

If you want to choose a gift for a sister you can choose a hat, a sweater, wi-fi headphones, a bracelet or whatever you like.

If you don’t have price limits to a sporty person you could give an Apple Watch with all the training programs or, if the budget is too high, you can choose the gym clothes or sneakers.

An original gift is the necklace purse or the poncho, as well as earrings, pendant bracelets and necklaces. You shouldn’t have trouble finding inspiration



Gift ideas for wives or girlfriends

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