Snail slime to be more beautiful

Dear friends, surely you have heard of snail slime as a cosmetic product.

The slime of the snails gives us a regenerated skin for the properties it contains.

Appreciated by Hippocrates two thousand years ago as a remedy for skin and hair, the snail slime contains many nutrients and elasticizing.

The snails secrete their slime to slip without getting hurt during movement, to be protected from heat and cold and to heal quickly in case of injuries.

The properties of snail slime

Their mucus contains: mucopolysaccharides, glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, proteins, vitamins and peptides. Each of these substances has a specific effect on the skin. Collagen gives tone, glycolic acid is an exfoliant and gives brightness to the skin, allantoin is a cicatrizant, elastin has an antioxidant action (it keeps the skin elastic and helps prevent and fight wrinkles and skin spots) , mucopolysaccharides are moisturizing and nourishing, vitamin E prevents skin aging.

In short, this gelatinous substance has an antioxidant action that acts on photo-aging, an anti-aging action as well as improving skin elasticity and hydrating.

All these benefits can be obtained from the work of these small animals.

In Japan, the Celebrity Escargot Course is a new treatment, a real massage made from snails that “walk” on the face. All the customers of the beauty center in Tokyo who conceived the treatment were satisfied with the result, so as to make this type of massage a fancy treatment.

You can imagine how much criticism has been made to this massage, all in defense of the snails that, according to the detractors, in this way they would feed on human dermis instead of their natural food.

Which products to choose

The choice goes for Italian products that breed snails (Helix Aspersa Müller) outdoors, in other European countries are usually kept indoors. Still better if the breeding is a complete biological cycle, which guarantees its reliability.

An important requirement is the high concentration of snail slime, don’t choose products that contain less than 60%.

The slime is extracted by taking the snails out of their natural environment and, after washing them with potable water, they are put into a tub and gently moved with a hand. During this movement they secrete mucus as a defense, at this point they are washed again and put back into their environment.

This procedure doesn’t stress the animal, even if it is a long and expensive process. Some farms stimulate secretion with electrical impulses that cause 80% of snails to die.

That said, the third suggestion is to choose the manual extraction of the slime.

My choice

I chose the Helidermina bio face cream to use morning and evening at a price of € 39.80.

Instead of the serum I preferred a 100% extract to be used in a few drops under the cream at a price of 30.80 euros and a stick for eye and lip contour at 9.60 euros.

The product is Italian, from biological farms and is manually extracted.

After a few weeks you will already be able to appreciate a brighter and smoother face.

Soon I will tell you how to massage the cream on your face and neck, waiting spread it as you are used to doing. I await your comments on the results

There is also the body cream (which I have not tried yet) to be used after the scrub.


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