Simple and refined clothing

Are you looking for a type of refined clothing, but that is also simple?

Simplicity doesn’t have to be insignificant, you can be dressed simply, but with refinement.

As I always say, the focus must be on combo, these are what make a refined outfit that otherwise would go unnoticed.

Which jacket to choose

We create our outfit with a pair of trousers and a jacket.

When we choose the jacket we have to pay attention to the color, the shape and the fabric.

I always suggest you take a look at the “super” sales because you can find evergreen pieces at competitive prices. Buying a beautiful piece is enough to create an effect outfit, often it is the price that disincentive the purchase. If you have the patience to wait for the sales (often at the end of these the prices are reduced by 70%) you can find fantastic items that can be worn for a lifetime.

And it’s what I did with this jacket by Haider Ackermann, too expensive at full price, has become a good deal at the end of sales.

Made of shiny cotton and blue silk, it has the black finishes and this makes it very refined.

The combinations with the jacket are many, today to be in theme with the refined look I chose a pair of blue silk pants (which I had in the closet). Silk is a precious fabric that helps make the outfit chic. If you have a pair of black instead of blue, the combination is fine. To complete the outfit I wore the light black shirt and black sandals.

I added the blue bag by Paula Cademartori because it has a colored scarf rolled up on the shoulder strap, if you have a black or blue bag you can take a scarf and make some turns on the handle or shoulder strap, it will give color to the outfit.

We have created an outfit that is more than simple and very refined, to be worn from morning to night in different situations: from shopping, to the aperitif, to the event.

What do you think? Would you wear it?












I wear

jacket Haider Ackermann

shirt Forte-Forte

pants Hache

earrings Chanel

necklace Vestopazzo

sunglasses illesteva

bag Paula Cademartori

shoes Alexander Wang

photo Alice Turchini


Jeans: how to combine them for a feminine look

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