Long necklaces or a choker?

Do you prefer long necklaces or a choker? If you ask me this question I cannot answer because I like both.

If you too are lovers of accessories and especially necklaces, this winter you can exaggerate.

There are no more rules dictated by the length of the necklace that determined the style and combinations, the non-rules of fashion were also extended to jewellery.

There are no more rules for necklaces

The short necklace can also be worn over the sweater and the long one also on the necklines.

The long necklaces can be thin with the pendant or more important, with stones, pearls or with plumes: this season accepts any shape and material.

The chokers are soft or stiff, even for this length of necklace you can choose between chains, pearls and rigid metals.

For fans of accessories: you can wear them together: long, medium and short for a slightly baroque effect and, if you want to overdo it, add also the big earrings (see photo Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren).

My most refined friends can easily follow the bon ton rules that provided for the choker necklace, to be worn over a low-cut dress. These necklaces are perfect even on evening dresses.

The longer necklaces, those ranging from 55 to 90 centimeters, were usually worn over even daily and casual clothes, for the combination much depends on the material with which they are made.

Choose according to your personal tastes

It is therefore indisputable that the choice will depend on our personal taste.

My advice is always directed to the harmony of the outfit, you can wear more necklaces together, but we are careful not to look like Our Lady of Grace. We must always pay attention to the final result, which may be eccentric and particular, but never excessive and vulgar.


Rita Palazzi
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