If he doesn’t respect you, he doesn’t love you: no to violence


From an Eures  research, in Italy three women are killed each week. They represent 37.6% of the total homicides committed in our country.

The victims are killed in the family or couple and the impressive thing is that the age of the victims has increased.

The cause is passionate in most cases, the idea of ​​possession is still rooted in the minds of many men, or quarrels.

The women killed had often reported the harassment they had suffered, and those who didn’t do so have friends or family members aware of the violent nature of their husband or partner.

But women are left alone.

For some men it is inadmissible that, after years of violence, a woman says stop and tries to make a new life. The search for independence triggers the unjustified rage of those who practice violence, up to the point of murder; sometimes not only of the woman, but also of the children.

Yesterday, on the eve of the international day against violence on women, there were 5 episodes of violence in Italy.

In Florence, a Mexican man, during a fight, clasped his hands around the neck of his girlfriend to kill her.

In Rimini, a woman committed suicide, after a series of abuses by her husband, to have found the courage, together with her daughter, to denounce the continuous violence they suffered.

In Pozzuoli, after three years of stalking because he didn’t accept the end of the relationship, passers-by make to arrest a thirty-year-old who was about to beat his ex.

In Bologna, a twenty-seven year old Tunisian beat and insulted his wife under the terrified eyes of his son, arrested.

In Genoa, a thirty-year-old from Serbian origin, kicksed the door of the ex and, after having broken it down, entered and hit her. The woman’s screams heard by her neighbors saved her life. Also in this case there were two children in the house.

Nothing stops the anger of these small and petty men.

But violence is not only physical, there is a verbal violence that serves to make the woman lose self-esteem and make her feel inferior, besides terrorizing her. There is discrimination in work, in politics, in places of power: women who have important positions are a small number compared to men.

I ask you, young mothers, to educate your children to gender equality, not only male children, but also your daughters, to respect and mutual support.  

And to adult women, who suffer violence of any kind, I ask to rebel and find support in the family of origin or in the communities of support for women who suffer violence; don’t justify your men: if they do not respect you, they do not love you.

If we commit ourselves all we will succeed in creating a better world

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Rita Palazzi
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