Gift ideas for wives or girlfriends

It happens very often that men give women gifts not really acceptable, this post wants to be a little help for you boys in choosing the proper gift to do to your wives or girlfriends. Since today is black friday and therefore you can save money, and that Christmas is near, a little help could be useful.

When you give a gift to your woman, don’t try to save money, consider how patient she is, how much she supports you, how much she does for you every day, even if you don’t realize it. If you have to save money, do it on cigarettes, on the betslip or on something that concerns you, but always be generous with women.

Vademecum for boys: what to give

First of all, a thing not to give absolutely: household utensils!

Even if you consider your women as “queens of the house“, know that we only feel QUEENS and the housework bores us and tires us. So a blender or a pressure cooker are not welcome gifts. If they seem interesting, buy them and learn how to make them work!


Give your wife a jewel and you’ll never go wrong. There is no need to apply for a loan, there are some very small but beautiful jewels. A thin gold bracelet with a little heart of diamonds or any other precious stone is not very expensive or an ancient jewel, maybe found in a flea market or in an antique shop.

You can also give bijoux, but they have to be beautiful: Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana or Angela Caputi, just to name a few, are always appreciated.


A wonderful gift, very romantic, is a stay in a charming place with a gourmet dinner. If you give a two-day stay you can choose, depending on the location, a day in the wellness center or a trip on horseback or a visit to the artist’s exhibition that she really likes.


Those who have listened carefully to their woman know that there is something they want so much, but that they haven’t bought for various reasons that may be the price or other priorities or the fear of being criticized. If you know what it is, give it to her. Remember that we women like to have an infinite number of the same object, just because it changes size, color or brand. It can be shoes, bags, glasses or clothing. If she hasn’t revealed any desire (which I strongly doubt) you don’t venture into purchases that could be hazardous.


For women who have great passions and who like to develop a hobby it can be nice to give a photography or painting or singing or sewing course, it goes without saying that, if the course is at night, you don’t have to complain of dinner that is not ready …


Good choice!


bracelet with rubies Crivelli



cuff Gucci

Wandler bag on Net-a-Porter





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