Beautiful despite cancer

Who of us has not suffered on their skin or has seen on the skin of a family member or a friend, the destructive force of cancer?

I lived this experience with my father, my mother and some dear friends, besides my best friend, Luisa, whose death gave me the strength to start this blog. The physical and psychological impact of cancer is devastating, the affected people become brave warriors who fight a sneaky and destabilizing enemy.

But not all battles are lost, the tumor can be beaten.

Once the therapies are over, when we can with more “tranquility” count the wounds on our body, what happens? Is it possible to accept our new body? Is it possible to feel beautiful again?

The answer is YES!

And the beauty brand Dove demonstrates this with blogger Chiara D’Agostino, a beautiful woman even after a bilateral mastectomy.

I don’t want to add anything else, each of us is able to understand the psychological impact that such an intervention can have, I let the video speak in the name of all the women who have faced the disease.


Rita Palazzi
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